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Rest and treatment in the Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is considered the biggest resortCzech Republic, it is located one hundred and twenty kilometers from the Czech capital Prague, where the Teplá River flows into the Ohře River. Rest and treatment in the Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary will be unforgettable. It is located in a picturesque valley, which is surrounded by the Doupov and the Large Mountains, which covers the Slavkov Forest. The great advantage of Karlovy Vary is the mineral unique springs that have glorified this resort to the whole world.

A special view of the city is attached to the stepped terraces. In the parks of many life-giving sources they give the city beauty and elegance. Sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, mansions are located in the center of the city.

In Karlovy Vary, thirteen sources,The temperature fluctuates to seventy-three degrees. The most famous source is called "Vrzhidlo", it is a natural geyser, which throws out every minute two thousand liters, from a depth of more than 2 kilometers.

Karlovy Vary is a city with many magicalHouses, buildings, and a variety of styles of architecture, it is filled with well-kept parks and gardens. It is a city of shops, a city of secular hotels, a cafe. Traditionally, glass and porcelain are produced here.

There is one cold and twelve hot,Mineral springs, peat, natural gas, and therapeutic mud. They are used in advanced methods of treatment, in disorders of the motor apparatus, diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders.

Water for various procedures, washes, irrigation,For baths, drinking is taken from sources. For treatment also use Karlovy Vary thermal salt, it is supplied to different countries of the world. Karlovy Vary thermal springs in the Czech Republic are the only ones, and all the hundreds of other sources are cold.

In Karlovy Vary, a variety of treatments, hereCome from different parts of the world patients with different diseases: chronic hepatitis, acute inflammation of the liver, biliary duct and gall bladder diseases, metabolic disorders, cholecystitis, diabetes, stomach and duodenum ulcer, irritation of the gastric and intestinal membrane.

Also Karlovy Vary sources will help in all cases of metabolic disorders: gout, impaired fat metabolism, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, obesity.

These sources will help with diseases: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, musculoskeletal system, stresses, periodontosis, gynecological diseases.

Healing sources have their medicinal properties, but the Karlovy Vary waters have strict contraindications: hepatic insufficiency, labile diabetes, ulcer penetration, pancreatitis.

For fans of productive leisure, at their disposalThere are: supreme clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, beaches, shooting range, bowling alleys. Holidays in the Czech Republic will allow you to stroll through the ancient streets of Prague, drink mulled wine. Air excursions over the city will allow you to see the beauty of this wonderful country. You can visit theaters, museums, cafes and dance halls, galleries, auctions, casinos, nightclubs and much, much more.

Having visited Karlovy Vary, whether you came there on the weekend or have already visited this resort, will leave in your heart, an indelible mark and you will want to come back here again.

Rest and treatment in the Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary will help prevent diseases, restore the body and will promote a good rest.

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