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What do you need to know the woman who took the hammer in her hands?

So, what do you need to know the woman who picked up the hammer?

Let's figure out for a start what nails are, andWhat they are. A nail is a fastening construction part. Nails can hold together wooden materials and some others. Correctly clogged nail will sit tightly in the wall, for greater strength of the attachment on sale there are nails with a rough surface.

Nails are made from steel wires onSpecial equipment. An interesting fact: a machine for making nails produces up to a hundred pieces of such fastening material per minute. And the action of the machine is as follows: the wire is cut into pieces of the required length, then the nail head is formed, and the opposite end is sharpened.

Nails can be found in any man in the "stash," so if you decide to nail the shelf, and you do not have nails, you can "borrow" a couple of pieces from a neighbor. Bad is the man who will not have nails "in debt"!

There are several varieties of nails. In order not to fall into the mud with your face, when a neighbor asks which nails you need, study and remember the names and features of different types of nails for yourself.

The faceted nails are made of sheet metal. They are not round, but quadrangular. This is one of the most reliable types of nails. They firmly attach the fixed materials to each other. It should be borne in mind that such nails are not suitable for all walls, since they can give cracks during clogging.

Universal nails are suitable for different typesFastening. They are also called "ordinary". It is these nails to share with you a neighbor, if to his question "What nails do you need," you say: "Ordinary, but they still are some? ..."

Joiner nails are used for furniture production. They have a very small bonnet to be inconspicuous on furniture.

Roofing nails have a large bonnet. They are used for fixing to the roof of materials such as shingles and roofing. The large cap of the roofing nail does not allow these materials to tear at the site of driving the nail and firmly connects the materials.

Another kind of nails is a two-hood. Such a nail has one hat on top of the other. When hammering, the nail is inserted into the wall to the first cap, so that if necessary, then pull it without problems for the second bonnet. Such nails are used mainly to fasten temporary parts or structures.

Nails in bulk are made fromSteel, and for vkolachivaniya in especially strong materials, for example, in cement, there are nails made of hardened steel. To nails do not rust they are applied a layer of zinc. Absolutely stainless nails are made of brass and bronze. Such nails in the household are hardly suitable for you.

And now a few words about how to correctlyYou need to hammer a nail. Applying a nail to the wall, make a strong blow to the bonnet. Be careful, do not hit the fingers! In this case, you need skill and accuracy. After the first strong impact the nail is already fixed in the wall, now it remains only to hammer a nail on the length that you need.

Such useful information will save you from many everyday problems.

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