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Intuitive approach to the arrangement of your living space

An intuitive approach is nothing more than aSensible, attentive attitude to their feelings, thoughts and emotions. It's simple. Only for some reason, not very often we trust our intuition, preferring to trust textbooks in all manner of methods.

If you have ever read a book on Feng Shui, thenI advise you to postpone this knowledge for better times. So far, they do not need you. The first thing you have to do is purify your consciousness. To do this it is necessary to better perceive the energy that surrounds us. This means that all the advice on feng shui will be superfluous. Not because they do not work. Simply in practice, each case involves an individual approach. When your consciousness is cleared, you can perceive all the further information as if from a clean slate.

Where to begin? Begin with a deep analysis of the apartment. But, there is one but. Own space is too information - saturated for you - it is filled with objects, memories. In such an environment, it will be hard for you to concentrate and think open-minded. Too many external stimuli will affect your evaluation and analysis. In addition, in a familiar environment, it will be typical for you not to notice important facts, errors. Therefore, as a study, it is best to start with the analysis of someone else's space - apartment of friends and acquaintances, offices, villas, etc. will do.

It will be very good if the person whoseThe space you are looking at, in response, will take care of yours. Involve in this friend or friend, relatives, someone from people close to you. Better yet, if there are several. Then you can compare their findings, and make a final conclusion for yourself. And when you are firmly confident that you have learned independently and impartially to look at the things that surround you, only then take a look at your own space.

Enter your apartment and try to remember,What you felt as soon as they entered. Does it feel alive energy, or still? What feelings have embraced you - peace and tranquility, or stagnation.

Then go on. Before entering each room, stop, and go there as the first time. Remember, what wishes have enveloped you in every corner of the room. And so in every room. Remember, if in one room in different parts you somehow changed the feeling.

Now all these sensations need to be combined,To feel them as a whole, the whole apartment. To do this, approximate the center of the apartment, get up in this place and feel the energy. When you feel it, compare it with the first impression that you overtook when entering the apartment. Is it different from the impressions in each room.

We can draw a definite conclusion - if the unpleasant energy overtakes you in certain rooms, change the interior there, and if in the center - then the whole principle in the apartment.

How can I adjust the space?

It depends on your feelings:

1.If you went into the room and you are calm and pleasant, you do not need to make any drastic changes. Color, shape, materials can remain the same.

2. If the sensations in general are not bad, but the discomfort in certain places, then, then think about where there is a flaw in the design that can be added or corrected and by what methods.

3.If you are feeling irritated, tired, then the design is unsuccessful and not suitable for this room. Most likely, it is necessary to change globally - color, furniture, an arrangement of all subjects. The main thing is to include intuition, and to think what should have been in this room, that would be nice for you to be here.

4.If in the room or its parts you have a physical feeling of weakness, a headache, a very negative feeling, this is the most difficult option. Such sensations arise in places of geopathic zones or disturbances of the natural magnetic field of the earth. If such a feeling occurs in most of the apartment, the best solution is to change housing. You yourself, most likely, can not cope.

Now analyze which places you are mostAre favorable. In such places it is necessary to organize the most important zones in the apartment - a bedroom, a nursery, a study. And those rooms where you do not spend a lot of time, you can organize in relatively unfavorable areas. And in places associated with unfavorable geology is extremely not recommended.

After the adjustments you made to yourSpace, closely monitor the events that occurred within two to three weeks. And remember your feelings after the changes. If the power industry has improved - it means that you are on the right track and you have understood everything correctly, if nothing has changed or become worse, then your measures taken were not correct. And most likely, you will need more cardinal decisions and changes in the apartment. In this case, it is best to consult a specialist.

In conclusion, I want to say that this approach,When you completely trust your intuition, can benefit not only beginners, but also experts in feng shui. After all, they, too, do not need to confirm their calculations with personal feelings.
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