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Energy and harmony of a cozy home

If the building is erected in a good location, its walls will become defenders. How to choose housing with a plus sign and defend your nest from the negative?

Power and Harmony
A cozy home is determined by positive energy.

Tell me the place ...

Cross the threshold of a new home - and feelchills, sudden colic in the abdomen or inexplicable fear, the desire to leave the room as quickly as possible? This is not the consequences of poorly prepared breakfast or an unpleasant conversation with the authorities. "Wicked places" (as people called territories where it is not worth settling) do exist. It can be a geopathogenic zone - here mother earth emits negative energy. Such a force acts like a laser - it breaks the person's biofield. Hence - poor health, apathy, headaches.

Where do rays X come from?
The Earth's crust is not monolithic, it consists of plates,which constantly move. They connect with each other or diverge. In the places of their joints and faults, powerful energy emissions can appear. Radiation is possible if there are deposits of radioactive elements in the area of ​​construction. (That's how useful it is to know geography!). The river, the lake next to the house is good. A picturesque view from the window, sunrises or sunsets over the mirror water surface pleases the soul, create a good mood, but the underground lakes and rivers fill the house with negative energy. Therefore, when you buy an apartment, ask: is there a pond under the building, because if there is, then the energy and harmony of a cozy house may suffer.

In addition to geopathic
, there are also areas of energy and harmonya cozy home biopathogenic (places of decomposition). It is a marshy area, burial grounds, waste deposits. They also emit negative energy, even if they do not already exist. That's why you should not settle on the territory of the former landfill, on a drained swamp! You should not "build a nest", as the windows overlook the garbage - it's unpleasant smells in the apartment, and a source of energy negativity. It is worthwhile to beware of the choice of housing, if there is a cemetery nearby. The rooms can be filled with the energy of the dead world, they will be "prescribed" by sadness.

Apartments near the metro are more expensive than onotbebe, but from the point of view of psychics, this is a very bad territory. It is called technopathogenic. Do not settle near highways, metro stations (and where the subway is laid), next to power lines (power lines), factories, factories. This is spoiled air, and constant noise, and holes in the biofield of the tenants. It is not advisable to buy housing near hospitals - places of concentration of suffering and pain. Their energy echoes can penetrate into the rooms.

What is good"
and what is "bad" for the energy and harmony of a cozy home?

Recognize the energy and harmony of a cozy home withThe negative charge is not difficult. Nearby will crack the asphalt, often break through the sewers. With the utility network, it's not all about "kei." Batteries often break down, plumbing equipment breaks down, electrical appliances break down.If you buy housing on the secondary market, you need to turn into Sherlock Holmes and learn the history of the inhabitants of the house.In apartments with a negative "biofield" are not rare serious illnesses, quarrels, scandals.They are often capricious, teenagers are characterized by aggressive behavior.The residents often suffer from a decline in strength, drowsiness.Charismatic individuals in such places can not stand it, move away.If in the entrance is completely free patients or alcoholics, this should alert. And vice versa.

Kohl among the tenants
- successful businessmen, artists, writers - thislitmus of auspicious place. Another way to verify the well-being of housing is intelligence in the kitchen. Pleases the situation? Hence, the whole apartment is positive. Kitchen well groomed, stained, with bad smells? So, do not wait for this house.

If you are going to settle in a new building,how it was erected, is there energy and harmony of a cozy home? There were delays with the delivery of the house, accidents during construction? These are signals that the place is unfavorable. By the way, negative rays do not dissipate, they do not lose their strength for many kilometers. They act equally on residents and the ground floor, and those who live under the roof.

Where can you find the fatigue of a tired heart and good energy and harmony of a cozy home?

You need to settle
in houses with good architecture. It is desirable - in the old pre-revolutionary buildings. With stucco moldings and high ceilings. Between the floor and the ceiling must be at least four meters (so almost no longer build!) - it is at such a distance that the aura pasha extends. So, placing ourselves in standard modern "hives", we share our biofield with our neighbors. It's wonderful if the place is historical - it ennobles the soul. It's good when there is a forest nearby, a park. The green zone is both a storehouse of oxygen, and a pledge of psychological harmony. It is fine if the apartment windows face south, the house is built on a hill: in the rooms there will be a lot of sunshine. It boosts the mood. A good option, when there is a church nearby, the remnants of a pagan temple. Temples after all were erected only in energetically positive places. And the ringing of bells fills the soul with pacification.

In search of neutrality

It is best to live in neutral places - wherethere are no minuses or pluses. How to identify them? In zones with negative energy, cats like to relax. Dogs, on the contrary - choose a positively charged territory. Even in fierce frost, the watchdog will not enter the booth, if it is in a negative place!

There are other ways of calculatingenergy poles in the apartment, as well as energy and harmony of a cozy home. For example, a pendulum. You need to tie a string of weights (such as a ring) and walk with him through the rooms. Where the pendulum moves clockwise, a place with a plus sign. Does the pendulum rotate counterclockwise? Here the energy minus. If the pendulum does not move - neutrality. This is an ideal place. Negative poles can also be determined using a radio receiver. Adjust it to a certain wave - and wander around the apartment. In places of interference, there is a charge. You can also go around the house with a lighted candle. Where she begins to censer, the flame goes out, there is a negative energy ray. In the negative places quickly fade flowers, spoil the food. You can arrange pieces of raw meat in the corners of the apartment. Where they quickly deteriorate, there is a negative charge.

Power cleaning rules

Good news. From negative rays (even destroying, coming from the bowels of the earth) can be freed. We need to properly furnish housing. Identify the negative and positive places in the apartment and remove the beds from there, the chairs - furniture in which you spend a lot of time. In the negative pole do not put the TV, microwave, refrigerator. Technology - a powerful conductor of energy, and fonit in the apartment will be even more. It is advisable to put plugs on the sockets - technical "pennies" also increase the charge. It is necessary to choose environmentally friendly materials. On the floor - wooden parquet, preferably laid out pattern (for example, in the Christmas tree). He restrains the negative flow. But linoleum minus energy accumulates. Linoleum floors need to be washed every day. Reduces the effect of negative ray carpets. Negative energy settles on the curtains (especially on the curtains!). Irina Rudenko recommends having at least four sets of window dressings, and changing them every season. Tulle the same wash every month. Attracts a bad energy ceiling. Do not be lazy and regularly rub it.

And cover
it is better than paints of light tones - they make a positive.

Now it is fashionable to hang abstract paintings on the walls,African masks, on shelves to arrange brought from travel exotic souvenirs. However, abstractions, cult objects of African pagan tribes are a source of negative energy. They should be abandoned. Positive, energy and harmony of a cozy home fill the space of paintings and sculptures, executed in a realistic manner, images of flowers or plants. An excellent option - room floriculture. Green friends neutralize the effect of negative rays. There are plants that feed on negative energy. These are monsters, cacti. There are also donors in pots, they share positive. For example, ficus, dracaena. They should be prescribed in their "nest".

There are also rituals
, relieving the negative. Invite a priest and sprinkle an apartment with holy water - will help a little. This will only reduce the strength of destructive rays, but will not eliminate them. It is better to calculate the negative places and the giving hand (for men - right, for women - left) to decompose into them the head of garlic. A year later, replace. Help and consecrated ("Thursday") salt - it is sacred in the church before Easter, on Pure Thursday. A wooden spoon must be sprinkled with her cross on the cross in the corners and in the center of the apartment. In a day you can wash the floors. Protection with salt will work a year, until the next Clean Thursday. It is advisable to invite a house-servant into the house. With his improvised words like: "Brownie, come to my house!" And, to Kuzya settled for sure, you need to feed him: put a saucer on the floor with porridge or sweet water. The next day you need to change the treat. Mythical creature will protect the house from negativity.

It's worth following
and the order in the house. Raskardash steals people's energy, and cleanliness - adds strength. And, of course, keep a friendly atmosphere, treat with understanding to all households and guests. Smile, happy laughter, the ability to rejoice in the little things of life - and no negative rays are terrible. There will always be harmony in the house.

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