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SPA procedures at home

SPA is not only water procedures, althoughthe very name - sanitas pro aqua ("health through water") - and provides for the presence of healing moisture. Since the days of Ancient Rome, people have healed on thermal springs, took baths with thermal water. Today, SPA is a kind of philosophy, the meaning of which is to focus on your beloved, to abstract from everyday fuss, to give care and pleasure to the body that yearns for the attention of its mistress. Since we have many goals - to relax, to pamper ourselves, to look after the face and body - then there must be many ways to achieve them.

Well, shall we begin? No, no, not on Monday. Monday, as is known, the day is heavy. And not on Tuesday. Let's start the SPA-week from Sunday!


Goal; soothe nerves before starting a workingweeks, Method: a bath with sea salt, treat it with micro and macro elements, enhance microcirculation of blood and lymph, increase vitality, relieve overexertion, fatigue, relieve insomnia. To raise the tone should take a hot bath (about 40C), but no longer than 15 minutes. We - for relaxation - we collect water in the bath body temperature (36,6C), fall asleep a few tablespoons of salt and bliss for 20 minutes. To enhance the soothing effect, you can choose sea salt with essential oil of lavender. Immerse yourself in aromatic water, close your eyes and think about something pleasant, remember the impressions of swimming in the sea, soft sand under your feet and excitement of the cries of seagulls, and before you leave the state of bliss, count from 100 to 1 and only then open your eyes. After the salt bath can not be rinsed. Do not wipe the body dry, but only blot - let the sea salt for some time passes the skin to its medicinal substances.

This is the most common SPA procedure and at thatThe same time is easy for carrying out at home. Fortunately, the cosmetic industry does not stand still and offers us a wide choice of sea salt. Due to the unique mineral composition, the Dead Sea salt is the most popular today.


Purpose: to get rid of morning swelling, Method: Stone therapy.

To conduct a session of stone therapy on Mondayin the morning, have to get up a little early. But instead of the eye-slits hiding in the pillows-edemas, the clear and surprised eyes of the freshened virgin will look at you from the mirror. Do not believe me? Let's try.

Treatment with stones is carried out by black basalt(energy of fire, water, earth and air) and white marble rocks (energy of cold and rest). The salon procedure begins with a massage with black hot stones from temples to cheekbones, then from the chin to the nape of the neck.

Carrying out a session of SPA procedures at home,we will reduce it, since very few of us have special massage techniques. And our goal is not to harm your beloved, but to get rid of morning swelling. For a home procedure, we need small stones, a cosmetic brush and serum for the eye area. Do not you have marble at home? No problem! You must have brought a handful of pebbles from the sea, right? We will need white stones, as we will cool them. And if there were no "marine supplies" in the house, it's worth going into a shop like "everything for the garden" - there certainly will be something to choose from.

Stones are placed in a vase of water and ice. While they are cooling, apply the serum to the area around the eyes and distribute it with a brush - gentle circular motions. Then we put the cooled stone under the inner corner of the eye, then slowly move it under the outer corner. Repeat in the zone above the eye, and then, taking another stone, do the same with the other eye.

Now you can look at yourself in the mirror again. No, do not look - enjoy! Sleeping and refreshed lady, smiling at you from the mirror, it's you! Having started the working week with SPA procedures, you can not be afraid that Monday will be a difficult day, and boldly go to conquer career heights.


Purpose: to cheer up and cleanse the skin. Method: peeling with herbs.

Until the end of the week is still far away, but it seems thatthe reserve of energy is running out? It's time to recharge! Not energy drinks, but fragrances. At some SPA resorts, customers can choose their own ingredients for body care products. The main prompt is the nose. The discerning visitor is offered to walk around the garden and pick up the herbs for a cream or scrub. And we are worse? Ideally, of course, in the summer to collect herbs in the forests and meadows, and then with pleasure to use them - brew tea, take herbal baths or do scrubs. But if you do not belong to the ranks of lovers to collect herbs, your path lies in the pharmacy - there is where the nose will clear up. In addition to herbs, you can buy and liked the aroma oil. Just remember that citrus fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit), rosemary, sage, geranium, eucalyptus, juniper invigorate and give strength, and melissa, mint, lavender, chamomile, incense relax and soothe, so for our energy-scrub scraper is not suitable.

For an invigorating scrub
we need a few pinch grasses (foryou can start with a cocktail with rosemary and sage), a drop of aroma oil (for example, grapefruit), 100 g of sea salt (not all the same used for a Sunday soothing bath) and 30 ml of body oil. An important nuance: choosing components, do not overdo it with their number - use two or three herbs and one aroma oil, if there are more ingredients, instead of a pleasant fragrant melody, you can get a cacophony of smells. All components are gently mixed and we go to the shower - to test the scrub-energizer. Our miracle remedy acts in several directions at once: sea salt and particles of medicinal herbs exfoliate dead cells, improve blood microcirculation and massage the body, and the fragrance of rosemary, sage and grapefruit fills us with energy and cheers up. After the shower with the energy-scrub, use the body lotion.

When a snake changes skin, from a sluggish inertshe turns into active and energetic creatures. Getting rid of the "old" skin, we, too, feel refreshed, and the aromatic make-up gives us strength, because we just started a SPA a week and a lot of interesting things ahead.


Purpose: to "water" the skin. Method: wrapping with essential oils. Taking into consideration the advice of cosmetologists, we try and "feed" and "water" the skin - we use both nutritious and moisturizing creams. Today we will prepare her a special drink, or rather - a moisturizing mask with essential oils. In the salon such mask is preceded by peeling and massage. We did the peeling yesterday, so we will limit ourselves to an ordinary shower, and massage, of course, is desirable, but not necessary. If you have a personal massage therapist (a beloved man will do), let him gently fan you back with massage oil and a drop of orange oil. If the massage therapist was not at hand - do not be scared, go directly to the moisturizing wrap. For the mask we mix creams with jojoba and shea oils and a few drops of grapefruit and jasmine aroma oils. Evenly we put on the whole body, wrapped in a polyethylene film, and on top - with a blanket. After 20 minutes a "butterfly" with a soft and velvety skin will fly out of the cocoon, wishing to give joy to itself and others.


Purpose: to relieve the gastrointestinal tract. Method: unloading day from the SPA menu. It turns out that the philosophy of SPA includes not only health procedures and methods of preserving beauty, but also the kitchen! SPA resorts also offer special SPA-dishes, and the SPA menu depends on the program (health, anti-age, etc.), the wishes of the client and the location of the resort. Chinese SPA kitchen is based on a combination of products with different energy. So, cooling bamboo shoots and cucumbers (yin energy) are combined with warming chicken and ginger (yang energy) and supplemented with neutral rice. The Indian SPA kitchen focuses on spices, and the European one has a clear Mediterranean accent, but, of course, without pizza and pasta. Regardless of the territory, SPA dishes are cooked sparingly and use only fresh organic products without a variety of artificial additives. Most Popular; Fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, fruits and vegetables (especially avocados, apples, spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes), red fish, seafood, yoghurts. For rejuvenation and general improvement in the diet include foods rich in vitamins and trace elements (sometimes along with the use of bioadditives), for relaxation and stress relief - with vitamin C and group B, amino acids. Ladies of autumn age are advised to eat soy dishes (soybean phytoestrogens reduce menopausal manifestations), as well as products containing calcium and vitamin D. And, finally, the main rule of the SPA-cuisine - the food should not only be healthy, but must be fun.

Armed with knowledge of the principles of SPA cooking,make your own menu. For breakfast, let's prepare a salad of apples, carrots and avocado and fill it with homemade live yogurt - fast, healthy and tasty. At lunchtime, you can stop by the café and try seafood soup or fish with vegetables cooked for a couple. And for dinner, rice and chicken with curry will do. In general, it is possible to fantasize endlessly on a topic of dishes with a SPA bias, The main thing is that they bring health and pleasure.


Purpose: to pamper yourself at the end of the working week, Method: manicure.

By the evening of Friday, it is difficult to find the strength to rejoice in the coming weekend. But there is a way out - to pamper yourself and make yourself, it's nice. How?

What SPA manicure is different from usual? SPA skin care consists of cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, relaxing massage and proper manicure. For peeling you will need a soft hand scrub. You can use the store, today many companies produce special lines for the care of hands. If this is not on your cosmetic shelf, prepare a scrub from the coffee grounds, sour cream (1 teaspoon) and drops of your favorite aroma-masla, Apply the mixture on your hands, gently massage, rinse with cool water. The next step is applying the oil to soften the cuticle. It can be a special remedy or the usual olive, or almond oil. Cosmetologists do not advise to cut the cuticle at home, so we just push it back with a nail stick "claw". Flexible nail file on a rubberized or cardboard basis (metal damages the nail plate) to give the nails the desired shape. To prevent delamination, you need to file dry nails and move from edge to center. After obtaining nails of the desired shape and size, we apply moisturizing cream or balm to the skin and nails and massage hands for several minutes. Massage activates blood circulation and nutrition of nails, which means - improves their appearance and enhances growth. Before proceeding with the final procedure - applying a varnish, - remove the rest of the cream from the nail with a napkin. And remember that every coat of varnish must dry thoroughly. Lacquer base, one or two layers of colored varnish, a protective coating - and the manicure is ready!


Purpose: to arrange a sweet romantic date. Method: painting on the body

End the SPA for a week like an unusual procedure. For example, relaxing body painting, which is offered to couples in love at the resort of Singer Island, in Florida. It will be especially, by the way, if all the week your second half sighed sadly and unsuccessfully tried to understand what are you doing? Now you can attract and please your beloved - most likely, after such a date, he too will become a fan of the SPA.

The magic action begins in the bath, litcandles and filled with pink petals. On a wave of voluptuousness set up chocolate truffles, strawberries and champagne. After this foreplay, you can proceed directly to drawing. We do not need brushes, we'll paint the picture. To create a masterpiece on the body of a loved one, "tasty" care products - chocolate, fruit, vanilla creams, scrubs or body masks will suit. And you can use for this purpose, and fruits, and coffee grounds, and melted chocolate - not hot of course.

It is a pity that such a picture can not be hung in a frameon the bedroom wall ... I'll have to wash it off. But nothing, it's not all! After a shower - a relaxing massage, and for the acuteness of sensations necessarily pour a few drops of champagne on the body. Who will be the first to do the massage and what to do next - you decide. In general, connect the fantasy and enjoy what is happening!

If you liked your home SPA program,do not need to be limited to a week. You can create a SPA schedule for a month, because there are procedures with clay (hair masks, face and body, wraps), a variety of baths (milk, beer, with pink petals, etc.), SPA pedicure. In a word, there would be a desire to give beauty and health to your body and pleasure to the soul, and there are many methods and methods for this.

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