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Virtual walk through New York

New York - a city in the US, located on the coastAtlantic Ocean. Today it is considered the largest city in the world. This city is considered the center of fashion in the US, every day there are fashion shows and in the same city are the headquarters of many world fashion designers. Its population in 2009 was over 8 million people. The city consists of 5 districts: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island.

Manhattan - translated from the Indian language means"Small island". Manhattan is located on the island of Manhattan at the mouth of the Hudson River. Manhattan is the largest commercial, financial and cultural center in the world. Most of the sights such as the historic skyscrapers of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Grand Central Railway Station, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Opera, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art, the American Museum of Natural History are concentrated here. Here is the headquarters of the UN.

Bronx - is considered a sleeping area of ​​New York. In the northern Bronx houses are built in the style of "suburban". The eastern part of the Bronx is formed by small residential high-rise buildings, where wealthy people settle. Also Bronk is known for its unfavorable areas, this is the southern part, consisting of slums. The most popular places in the Bronx are the Zoo, the Botanical Garden, the Art Museum and the Yankees Stadium, which is one of the main baseball teams.

Brooklyn is the most populous area. Civic Center is a business center. There are many old churches in Brooklyn, reminiscent of the past, when Brooklyn was a hamlet and its inhabitants were very superstitious. Unfortunately, the longer we live, and our industry develops more, the less faith in the Lord God becomes in us. Religion is replaced by science. The southern coast of Brooklyn is washed by the ocean. To the west is Brighton Beach.

Queens - translated as a kingdom, consideredThe largest in area area and is the second most populous. The population in this side of the city is very different: Hispanics, Greeks, descendants from Pakistan, India, Korea, Spain. In this part of the city is the airport named after J. Kennedy and La Guardia. Here you can visit many places for recreation, for example, Flushing Meadows Park, where the matches of the US Open Tennis Championship, Shay Stadium, Akuidakt Racetrack and Jacob-Riis Park on the Rockaway Promenade are held.

Staten Island - is located on the island of the same nameStaten. The population is much smaller than others. It is considered a sleeping area, compared to other areas here is much calmer. In the southern part of the island there were farm plots until 1960, but after the construction of the Verrazano bridge, connecting Staten Island with Brooklyn, the island began to be actively populated. By the way, the length of this bridge is 1238 meters, and the weight is 135 thousand tons. By weight, it is still considered the heaviest. You can get to Manhattan by ferry. The highest point of the skeleton is Todt Hill (the dead hill), there is the Moravian cemetery. There was a city dump for 53 years, and only in 2001 it was closed. In Staten Island is the largest park in New York - Greenbelt. In the eastern part of the island there are beaches, but it should be noted that the beaches of Staten Island are considered the most polluted in the city.

So we learned a little about this magical city,But what is New York famous for? Of course, the Statue of Liberty. Or its full name, Freedom, illuminating the world. It symbolizes democracy, freedom of speech and choice. One of the most famous sculptures in the US and in the world. It was donated by the French to the centenary of the American Revolution. The statue is on the island of Liberty, as it began to be called in the early twentieth century. The island is located three kilometers from Manhattan.

The goddess of freedom holds a torch in her right hand andA sign in the left. The inscription on the plate reads "July 4, 1776", the date of signing the Declaration of Independence. With one foot she stands on the shackles, which symbolizes liberation. From the opening day, the statue served as a landmark in the ocean and was used as a beacon. For 16 years in the torch of the statue was supported by fire.

Having gone to this city, I do not think that you will return back. This city will absorb you, and you will become a part of it, and you will not want to leave the magnificent city of New York.

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