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Rest in Paris for May holidays

The recognition of a shopaholic

Before the winter season 50-80% discount on brandnew items remained only a month. On the big night of sales, the doors of the shopping centers in Paris will be open until dawn. But even now many boutiques are open until late at night and on weekends. A unique way to relieve stress is to walk through these wonderful places. "The public equivalent of sex" - that's how scientists called shopping, and not for nothing: many ladies confess that at the time of acquiring a vending item, they are excited, very similar to the sexual one. And there is an explanation: our mood directly depends on the serotonin hormone level - the higher it is, the more fun it is. During the receipt of the desired (shopping, orgasm), the amount of the happiness hormone increases rapidly, and we are ready to embrace the whole world. If you are creative, at your service the world's largest antique market in the world (area - 7 hectares). This island of treasures is officially called the Flea Market of Saint-Ouen, but the French call it simply Les Puces (translated from French as a "flea"). The opening time for the "flea" on Saturday is 8:30, but if you came there earlier, you can sit at a table in a cozy cafe and indulge yourself with Carte Noire's favorite Parisians.

Brown gold

The ancients considered coffee not a drink, but a meal: Coffee beans were pounded in a mortar, mixed with fat and molded from this mass of balls. Warriors took them with them on a campaign to quench hunger and uplift the spirit. Only in the 16th century the grains were roasted, ground into powder and poured with boiling water. So there was coffee, which was so expensive that only aristocrats could drink it. Today you have the right to feel yourself as one of them: even in ordinary surroundings, the exquisite aroma of coffee will give charm and elegance to every day of your life and transform the world of your travels into magic. The romantic spirit of arabica is gently woven into the tape of times in the Paris coffee house opposite the Comedy Theater. In 1660 she was the first in Paris. Rousseau, Diderot, Robespierre enjoyed "brown gold" in it. Today it will be you. Regulars of French coffee shops sometimes order a cup of ice water along with coffee. True gourmets know that a breath of refreshing coolness will emphasize the soft taste of coffee and allow you to enjoy an exquisite drink. Cocktail of frivolity and lukavinki, grace and impetuosity, Carte Noire coffee in a small elegant cup is an indispensable attribute of Parisian charm, a visiting card of a true Frenchwoman. With its unique taste and aroma, this coffee is due to the original recipe created in 1978 by the French gourmet Rens Moshe. Elite coffee Carte Noire was recognized as the No. 1 coffee in France.

Today and in Ukraine
You can pamper yourself with a unique taste andaroma of Carte Noire. The image of this brand embodies all the refinement, passion and charm of France. Elegant contrast, two opposites - day and night, black and white, separated by a thin golden ribbon - branded colors of the brand. His style was lovingly created by the famous French image-maker Jacques Segal, famous for developing the image of Presidents Francois Mitterrand (France), Alexander Kwasniewski (Poland), Jozef Antal (Hungary).

To highlight the
French origin and exclusivityelite drink, on all product packages, regardless of the country of distribution, it is customary to write the name only in the original language - Carte Noire. It is for this reason that the French brand Carte Noire can always be recognized and distinguished from others, for example, from the similar TM "Black Card".

Colorful travel

If you are a supporter of outdoor activities, then it's easymust visit the most famous places in Paris: visit the Arc de Triomphe, climb the Eiffel Tower, walk along the Champs Elysees. There is also the Place de la Concorde, the Alexander III Bridge, the Opera, the Place Vendôme, the Palace of Versailles ... Certainly the guides will also offer you a night cruise on one of the famous boats "Batomush" (in translation - "fly"). Before you swims the city in colorful lights - for this it is worth living! Surely you will want to visit the "Moulin Rouge" - the most spectacular musical variety in Paris. Doctors say: changing the situation is the longest-lasting charge of energy for a man exhausted by working everyday life.

But, we must admit
, not everyone likes to actively exploreneighborhood, even if they are imbued with a historical spirit, grace and charm. If you want to simply polentaynichat in a foreign country, then a unique opportunity to relax - in private SPA-hotels with therapeutic procedures. There you can walk all day in a dressing gown, slowly, moving from one cabinet to another. This is a great way to focus only on your feelings, forgetting about the deeds. The programs include hydroprocedures, massages, aromatherapy, various kinds of relaxing gymnastics. There are even techniques that help smokers to say goodbye to a bad habit! However, the weekend for this will not be enough - it will take at least a week of relaxation. Even in the Paris SPA-centers you can get rid of wrinkles, expel toxins, improve skin tone and return to working days a real beauty. A cup of coffee Carte Noire will give you in the homeland a piece of Paris.

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