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Spa holidays in winter in Hungary

He has a rich history; to study it in fullloneliness on a quiet, sunny morning is an incredibly exciting experience. I ignore the elevator and walk up to the Spa, located under the roof. And although I now have a bathrobe, this does not prevent me from feeling like a mistress of the palace for a while. The spectacle of skilful white sculpture, stained-glass windows of incredible beauty and size causes a deep sigh, and Spa rest in winter in Hungary is the best in Europe.

Stay in the Palace
, enjoy rituals at the best Spa, dine at a restaurant with a famous chef ...

But I have to tear my eyes fromarchitectural delights: ahead turn, after which the Spa begins. Here, too, everything is created in a big way. Marble, whose divisions resemble sea foam on the sand, were specially taken from Egypt, windows were all the way to the floor, and the size of the rooms for the rituals would have allowed us to accommodate half of our editorial staff. To the chosen procedure Tokaji Revitalizing Package everything is ready: on one table juicy berries, honey and wine, on the other - grapefruit oil, sugar cane and palinka. The second set is a component of scrub (admit, very palpable). After a sweet-intoxicating, invigorating rubbing, you do not need to bother yourself to go wash the mixture. For me this is done by Christina and Vichy's soul. What a magnificent Spa invention! And then the master warns that now it will be poured with cold water. Grouped morally and physically, I'm preparing for an unplanned hardening session. The beautician, without turning off the Vichy shower with warm water, pours me from another nebulizer cold. The flows mix, but, nevertheless, are distinguishable.

It's not cold at all
and surprisingly nice! In the second part of the Spa reception I also had a reason to be surprised. Deep massage of the whole body is accompanied by superimposition of hot compresses from towels soaked in Tokaji, on joints - ankles, knees, wrists, waist, elbows and shoulders. According to the Hungarian experts, this contributes to the removal of salts and strengthens the immune system. The effect of a glass of wonderful wine and berries is fixed. A great start to the day and a non-standard alternative to a morning drink! Despite the aperitif, I was terribly hungry and I hasten to the room where breakfast awaits, and afterwards I will enjoy the next Spa rest in winter in Hungary. Trapeznichat in his suite is not only because of the comfort, but also for the opening of the windows of the panorama. Chain bridge, funicular leading to the magnificent Buda Castle built by King Bely IV seven centuries ago; a little further out you can see the citadel and the Liberty Monument decorating the Gellért Hill. It looks like you can see a good half of Buda's sights from here. It is felt, the secular life here once boiled as well as in the brilliant Vienna or Petersburg. The abundance of palaces, mansions in the style of neo-Gothic and arnivo, restored and waiting for their turn, Opera, the Basilica of St. Stephen, huge parks. Sometimes it seems that you are in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, and sometimes on the banks of the Tiber, in Rome. By the way, about Italy. The kitchen at the Four Seasons Hotel, Gresham Palace is run by Simone Cepea. What he prepares for romantic dinners deserves the highest praise. Especially he succeeds in ravioli with truffles and foie gras. And the birds. So, dear queen, you here!

Spa menu

Tokaji Revitalising Package (1 h. 50 min.) - 205 euros.

Ritual exfoliation of the body with lime and ginger Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow on the means of the Elemis line (30 min.) - 87 euros.

Gresham Bath baths with thermal water and oils (30 min.) - 62 euros.

The program of care for men Total Time out for Men, with the cleansing procedure of the face of the Spa and body massage, relieving muscle tension (120 min.), - 205 euros.

Smoothing and shining Revitalising Organic skin with natural remedies based on blackthorn and cherry berries (60 min.) - 108 euros.

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