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How to attract money and how to learn how to save money

When we travel, we discover the world, and whatIs it better than traveling? To see the main sights and go round them on the big bus, see other sunsets and sunrises, admire the mountains and ocean waves. And most of us, if there was such an opportunity, would travel a lot. But at the same time we are limited by money, we need to know the secrets, how to reduce the cost of travel so that they become available to people.

Buy a tour.
Let's say you want to buy a package of touristServices, so that the travel company you have chosen takes care of everything. This is good for those who travel with children, or if you are not yet an experienced traveler.

There are two ways to reduce the cost of a package of services:
1. Book in advance when you buy a tour in a couple of months. This method is not very good, during this time, a lot can happen, and you just can not go. And the closer the date, the less money you will get back. And in such conditions, when many tourist companies are closed, it is risky to book in advance. And to give up the tour is hardly worth it. After all, when booking tickets in advance, you can choose the right flight, the right hotel at affordable prices.

2. when you buy a burning tour. This will attract the fact that you can buy a tour two times cheaper than the usual price. It will suit people who can gather, and the next day fly away.

Rules for lovers of "burning tours."
- Before the trip, you need to be aware of the events and know which agencies, sites sell burning tours, because such proposals in the season "fly away" in just a few hours.

- be ready to acquire instantly so thatThe hand was documents and money. If you want to go to the country cheaper, you need to get a visa, there must be certificates from the bank account, extracts from the workbook, depending on the requirements of the country.

You can buy a tour on the "Fortune" system, when youMuch less pay for the tour, but the exact hotel you will find out on arrival. As the experienced travelers say, if the list of hotels with a number of stars 2 or 3, then two stars in Costa Bravo will be much more decent than 3 stars in Turkey. Fortune is good for a fun company or for students. If you eat with young children, Fortune is not for you. It is better to pay extra, so that you do not hear the sound of the disco before your windows, or the balcony does not go out to the garbage cans, but to the beach.

Purchase of tickets.
Let's say you already know where you can get itCheap tickets, cheaper than the travel agencies offer. Then you book a part of the tour, for example a hotel and a transfer from the airport and to the hotel, buy tickets yourself. But it is not always possible to buy tickets at the right time and date. Not all companies can sell tours without tickets, but many companies can sell tickets without tours. It is convenient for those who fly non-stop, charter flight savage. Airlines do not directly sell tickets for charter flights. But the charter non-stop ticket can be bought in a travel company.

Cheap tickets can be purchased in several ways:
- to book in advance, the closer the departure date, the more expensive the ticket will cost,

- buy by special promotion, many companiesDo periodically actions in which prices for some directions are reduced. You can fly to Africa for 250, and you can fly to Europe for only 90 euros. Search for special offers can be on the websites of airlines.

Most airlines sell to people who have not reached the age of 24, tickets are cheaper.

- You can buy in a budget airline, tickets there are cheaper than in the well-known airlines Aeroflot, Lufthansa and others. They just provide less comfort when flying.

- for those travelers for whom it is not importantRed fish in the menu, but only an opportunity to fly to their destination, like these airlines. They fly around the world, for example, contact the websites of such airlines on the Internet.

- purchase tickets, and airlines of the country of destination. And if you say easier, if you are flying to Hungary, then see the websites of Hungarian airlines on the Internet.

If you fly with a transfer, then you will be cheaperBuy tickets from two companies. Suppose you fly to Africa or to India. Before Europe, you can fly on the special offer of a European company, and then change to Indian or African. There tickets are cheaper, compared to the prices of European companies.

But those who fly by one airline, but withHave an advantage, not everyone knows about this. The following service is offered: if the time between flights is overnight, then the company will provide you with the hotel, as well as breakfast and transfer from the hotel to the airport at their own expense.

Ordering flights with a long waiting time to wait for your flight, pass the time, you can see the city and all this will be at the expense of the company. This service is provided to you by "Turkish Airlines".

When buying cheap tickets, see the websiteCompanies, where prices differ from real prices. And, significantly up to 40% for the better. At the ticket office, you buy tickets much cheaper than written on the site. Do not forget to clarify by phone or in person when buying.

If you can find the information you need, you can find your own accommodation option.

It is better to book hotels in advance so thatStay on the street during the season, or settle in an expensive room. After all, your goal is to make the trip cheaper. Armed with a dictionary, if your English is bad and looking for a hotel. We book, get confirmation and find a few more hotels nearby, let it be just in case.

How to find hotels? You can surf the Internet on the sites of travel companies, find a hotel and book it directly. On some reservations, a free transfer from the airport to the hotel is provided.

Alternative to hotels.
1. Cheap accommodation option, these are hostels. They are loved by young travelers all over the world, this is the type of student hostels. For a little money from 7 euros, you will find quite a decent place to stay overnight. You can book a place in the hostel via the Internet.

2. There is such an option - hospitality. There are many sites where people register and tell that they can host a certain number of people, under certain conditions, for free. Of course, there is a risk. Most of those who have registered are young people who want to see the country. Such sites are very well known on the Internet. On each such site, from Russia alone, several thousand people were registered.

Before traveling, find out more informationabout this country. What vaccinations do you need to do, what money and what currency to keep. Make photocopies of all your documents and keep them to yourself. Place the originals in the hotel safe.

Do not take expensive jewelry with you. You should keep large money on the card, it is better to lose interest in the bank than the whole amount.

Do not forget to arrange medical insurance, it should cover all interchange points, if you fly an indirect flight and a country of rest. It is inexpensive, but so necessary for the traveler.

Keep local and Russian phones of your consulate and embassy with you. You need to know the emergency call numbers and the police.

Tips on how to attract money and learn how to save money

1. To make money like to be in your home, on the day of salary the whole amount should be at home.
2. Some advise to keep a large bill for a year, which, when charged with energy, will attract other money.
3. There will be no money if the crumbs are removed from the table by hand, whistling indoors.
4. Do not lend a neighbor salt and sugar, your house can leave prosperity.
5. To have money in the house, you need to put a broom handle down.
6. On Wednesday afternoon it will be best to ask for a salary increase.
7. Try not to borrow money on Monday, and do not borrow on Tuesday, do not give back the debt on Friday.
8. It is necessary to lend money and give money in the morning, because all actions with money in the evenings lead to ruin.
9. Try not to borrow, but rather to lend, you are programming money, so that they returned to you.
10. Try to ensure that your wallet is never empty, even if it is lying in it, although one coin.

Applying these tips, you will never lose your money, but you can lure them to yourself. Thus, you will be able to save enough money to go on vacation next year.

We told you how to attract money to yourself and how to learn how to save money when you are on vacation, we hope that you will like our advice and you will use them.

Enjoy your vacation!

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