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Self-trip to London for 3 days

I thought, since I have not one week, but only 3night, you can choose a hotel more expensive. I wanted luxury, but it's not necessary. The hotel booked The Landmark, it is located near the Madame Tussauds Museum. For me, the flight turned comfortable on Thursday after work, on Friday I had a day off and on Sunday back, on a night flight I flew to Moscow. It was possible to fly after work on Friday, then on Sunday night flight back and in the morning to be already in Moscow, without taking it off from production, so to speak. But I had a day off, which I wanted to use, so I got a little more.

It was necessary to order, of course, and for 3there is very little to be learned and seen. But you can also without a guide to visit the National Gallery, the Madame Tussauds Museum, because people from all over the world come here to admire the next exhibition of masterpieces of world art. The museums of London are famous all over the world, for example, the Military Museum, the impression is huge, you never saw such. Finally, my dream came true to see Big Ben.

All these days I was haunted by English weather,but it did not really upset me. Of course, my feet were soaked to the knees, and I had to rub myself with Russian vodka all night, even from the London dampness she saves.

Walking around the city is a pleasure, there are more people here than in Moscow. In the afternoon, Oxford Street is not overcrowded, of course, shopping is sacred.

London is a big city, tourist, business. Those who do not like this whole crowd, I do not advise. In the evening, it's no better, crowds of people in Soho. You can see the queues in nightclubs, as in our stagnant times for sausage. I never got anywhere, but after wandering around the city center all night, I realized how you can get into a nightly, fashionable place without a humiliating turn.

I'll open a little secret, if someone else does not know. If you stayed at a 5 * hotel or in the London Palace, you can ask the concierge at the hotel, or give him 20 pounds so that he brings you to the guest list in some fashion club. It must be done in advance, at the latest, until 18:00 of this day. You will be a welcome guest in nightly, trendy establishments, because you are a guest of an expensive hotel. This is a trendy night setting - "Cafe Paris" or "China White". As it seems to me, there are many fashionable clubs on Regent Street.

What just killed me in the night London, thissimplicity of their morals. Urinals for men stand on the street, and they are just open. Drunk and half-naked girls hang around the streets. A lot of garbage and a crowd of drunken people, the spectacle is not pleasant.

If you eat in London to enjoyculture, and not all cereal places, then these 3 days you will be small, most of the museums and galleries on weekends do not work. I visited the Madame Tussauds Museum, although there is a huge queue, but it was worth it. It's just an ingenious idea that came to Madame Tussaud's head, to come up with such entertainment, as to be photographed and look at the wax figures of various famous people. I really liked it. But the English children could not be torn from Jerry Holyow and David Beckham. There was both Gorbachev and Vladimir Vladimirovich, did not forget ...

Now we know how to accomplishan independent trip to London for 3 days, And finally, what can I say it - shopping. Not one woman can not resist. I recommend that you visit, just go, as if on an excursion. Prices are certainly not very high. You go into such a department store, like a museum, you can buy everything there, from tablespoons to Arabian horses. The trip remained, very pleased, and from her, left a lot of impressions.

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