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Household goods for house cleaning

I doubt whether I will be original, if I say that I can not stand rubbingglass, furniture polishing, maneuvering around the apartment with a vacuum cleaner, etc. But even more I do not like sticking slippers to the floor and drinking from plastic cups (because the glass is all dirty). Therefore, I remove - reluctantly and without enthusiasm, but still. Fortunately, my husband and I were lucky in terms of attitudes to life: on the one hand, he does not require surgical sterility in the bathroom; on the other hand, he does not have housekeeping and without special zeal, but is called to help. However, strong male hands and good intentions in such a responsible matter as the May subbotnik are not enough. Need support in the form of cleaning powders, liquids and pastes, which would wash cleanly, quickly and did not pull the whole monthly budget of the young family. These in our house was not found, so we went to the store, from where they came out, armed to the teeth with means to combat dust and dirt.

The first and the main
The strategic object was the floor and walls,household goods for cleaning the house is quite enough. Most of all they suffered from the active work of our very playful fox terrier, who was terribly disliked when he was washed by his feet after walking, but he loved to rub against the walls. As a result, the floor was polluted with space velocity, and on the walls it was possible to trace the stages of growing up our dog. And the smell, of course. Not that it is too strong, but those who first came to us were interested in: "And what kind of dog do you have?" I thought that I would kill at least half a day after the floor and walls, and after the padu had no strength. Everything turned out much better. Freshly purchased means Mr. Proper for washing the floors, which I added to the water, as if by magic, wiped off grease spots near the stove, dog tracks, dust. Not an example of what was before, when I washed the floor with just water - it had to be rubbed so that during training the hands could no longer be swung. Even the air became somehow fresh, more transparent, with a slight shade of citrus. By the way, I added the same liquid to the water for washing the walls - and all the dark marks from Fox were washed easily and effortlessly. Pleased and economical - quite a small amount was enough to tidy the whole apartment.

To decide
, who will get the honor to wash the tile and toilet, a lot of time left. As a result, my husband went to the bathroom, and I went to the kitchen.

There in the sink rose a tower of plates andglasses, left from the reception of guests. But the most frightening is a baking sheet with the remains of a baked duck and a lot of fat. I moistened my sponge with another gun - Fairy - and started to work. Surprisingly, the tower declined simply in front of the eyes, the glasses glittered and creaked with cleanliness, and the frightening fat from the baking tray came off easily and quickly. In this sponge, I moistened the liquid with a maximum of two times. Then my husband arrived in time: it turned out that he cleaned up in the bathroom as quickly as I did with dishwashing. The high-speed mode alarmed me: I decided to make sure that the bathroom was cleaned. And once again I was amazed: the bathroom, the toilet, the taps shine with cleanliness, smells fresh ... The miracle happened thanks to the spray for the bath Comet and the same gel for washing the toilet. In addition, the inscription on the package pleased: the remedy not only cleans well, but also perfectly disinfects, and the cleanness lasts for seven days. We perceived this skeptically. And in vain - amazing, but the cleanliness and freshness in the bathroom persisted for a week. This is very important with our employment and "love" for cleaning. In short, I was convinced that bringing order in the house was not always penal servitude. The main thing is to prepare well, to equip yourself with the necessary means and then with a minimum of effort it will be possible to get the maximum of the result. And spend your free time on much more pleasant things.

Bacteria: Not Allowed

In the house of even the most desperate cleaners there are places in which bacteria hide from the omnipresent sponge and detergents. But to know about them means to neutralize.


All that is unwanted is dumped in it -it is not surprising that this place is attracted by bacteria. To prevent them from multiplying, use dense plastic bags and often take out the garbage. Also, prefer a bucket with a lid. And it is desirable that it is not opened manually, but with the help of a pedal - this will allow less frequent touching the bucket.


It accumulates everything that we bring with us.streets. Exit - often do a wet cleaning, wash the floor with a special tool, and not just water. In addition, every three weeks, change the rags or sponges in the mop.

Kitchen towels and washcloths

With active use, they do not "dry out" for the joy of microbes and bacteria. Therefore, towels should be washed often and at high temperatures, and sponges and rags - regularly changed.

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