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Stylish kitchen interior

Disconnect and merge
Tables and curbstones are placed near the walls. Such a dislocation rational from the point of view of the 1980s and 1990s is now outdated. Relations in the family have changed. Previously, the ladies were busy at the stove. Fathers of families, waiting for dinner, read the newspaper on the couch. Today many men are able to cook not only eggs. And if not every day, then at least on holidays they want to surprise the household with their crown dish. Naturally, conjure over him not alone - there must be a wife nearby. Yes, and the kids should be involved in the process of family cooking. With a standard furniture position, people will interfere with each other - either rub with their elbows, or stand with their backs and face "on corners" with careless movements. And this is the ground for psychological clashes.
Conclusion: Workplaces must be carried out - so that everyone had a space for creativity, and no one was standing with their backs to each other. People during the joint concoction must communicate! Suitable so-called islands (they are bar counters or stacks). They can be put, for example, in the middle of the kitchen - and the survey will be open, and interference to each other will be minimized. You can beat and other details of the interior - for the place of cooking, equip, for example, a window sill. An important detail: the distance between the spaced jobs should be at least 90 cm and not more than 120-150 cm.

Wonder Technology
The quality of lunch-dinner directly depends on the householdTechniques. Kyxnya - the place where you need to "dance baking" and carefully choose a stove, oven. According to Theresa, the built-in appliances are good. They save space and decorate the interior. They need to be arranged, for reasons of comfort. It's not a secret: the most useful are baked dishes. But why do they so rarely appear in the daily menu? And because the oven is usually put on the floor. Who wants to bend, especially after a hard day's work ?!
The way out is to install the oven at the eye or chest level - to make it comfortable to use.
Another victim of planning errors -fridge. It is placed next to the already existing conclusions (most often at the door). And visually they steal from the kitchen 60-70 cm. The architect's advice: put this grand subject where it will not close the review - then there will be more air in the kitchen.

To taste - color
Wishing to lose weight it is necessary to choose for registrationCold tones - they reduce appetite. Do you suffer from his absence? By the way there will be red and orange. But the olive tones of the interior can give the meat dishes a taste of "not the first freshness." Peach, salmon shades give rise to associations with food waste - and also not suitable for the kitchen. It is best to choose neutral colors - white, gray, coffee color. For example, a white kitchen with dark horizontal surfaces. Or completely light, where solo one color, but there is a game of textures - matte and glossy. Vanguard will look like a kitchen with bright colors. In the choice of colors you can push away from your favorite dishes. Does the family love jam? Option - berry tones. Do you like salads made of spinach? Shades of green are appropriate.

Material Requests
The finish also matters. Good news for the lazy: in the West, the squeak of fashion is brutality, when the repair consists in its absence. There are concrete floors and walls - as builders have handed over. But to live, as in the best houses of Paris, you need to go to the end. Leave the lamps without chandeliers, windows, without curtains, so that the view outside the window fits into the interior - and vice versa ... Such extravagance is not for our mentality. Therefore, for the kitchen is better to choose materials that are well cleaned. It is necessary to avoid stitches - they are difficult to wash off dirt. Therefore, ceramic tiles (for example, on the wall near the workplace) should be preferred to larger sizes. Alternative to it - special finishing glass. This novelty has already proved itself excellent: it is quickly cleaned, does not crack, does not beat (contrary to stereotypes). Large-size tile is suitable for floors - but they need to be done with heating. Instead of the traditional linoleum are good and self-leveling floors - are created by special technology and outwardly resemble linoleum, only without seams. However, what materials for the kitchen are not chosen, the main thing is to dress her with taste, advising the whole family. Then even simple pasta with butter will seem especially piquant, create a feeling of celebration and happiness.
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