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List of famous alcoholic beverages in the world

Hit-parade of aperitifs

Aperitifs (fr. Aperitif) - drinks that are consumed before meals to quench your thirst and whet your appetite. They stimulate the secretion of gastric juice (this contributes to better digestion), relieve the awkwardness of the first minutes of communication and create a relaxed atmosphere. Finally, this is a great way to start a party or a holiday and take guests in anticipation of a feast!

Few people know that aperitifs are not necessaryshould be "with a degree". In their role can also act and soft drinks - water and juice - orange, grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate, grape and tomato. And as for water, do not be surprised if you are offered mineral, carbonated, soda or even plain chilled. And yet, when there is a solemn occasion, most people will prefer "hot" drinks - dry wines, dry or semi-dry champagne, vermouth, sherry. Unconditional party favorites - champagne brut, campari, martini, cinzano and cocktails based on them.

Playing by the rules

Aperitifs are accepted to pour on glasses and putOn a tray on the table before the arrival of guests. After all, it's one thing to take a drink with pleasure and to continue a secular conversation. And it's quite another to wait for you to be noticed and propose to fill the glass.

The second nuance is a snack. While the main dishes are languishing in the oven or waiting in the refrigerator, aperitifs can be offered slices of lemon, salted sticks, olives, fruits and fried nuts. If it is expected that one of the guests will be delayed (which means that the invitation to sit down at the table will be heard later), miniature sandwiches with salmon, caviar, ham, cheese, slices of vegetables and greens will not be superfluous. The shape of the glasses also matters. Strong drinks (cognac, armagnac, whiskey) are served in small glasses, champagne in tall narrow wine glasses on a long thin leg, white dry wines in round glasses, red wines in round but larger glasses. For martini are designed conical glasses, which are also called "martins". Ideal corset for cocktails - toggle switches (high glasses).

Perfect pair

Compiling a menu and choosing a drink - halfBusiness. It is important that the drinks and dishes are harmoniously combined. This is easy to achieve if you know the basic subtleties of a combination of tastes. For a successful choice of aperitifs, it is worth considering the time of the year and the menu of the main table. If on a hot day chilled wines, cocktails and juices with ice are good, then in winter cold drinks with ice will be inappropriate. Before soup it is better to drink dry sherry, before vegetable stew - light red wines. If the main table is abundant in seafood, white wine will become a good aperitif. Dishes from pork, lamb, beef and game are best preceded by tasting red dry wines. The party is planned in the "bachelorette party with a sweet table"? Then your choice is cocktails. They are well combined with fruit salads, cheesecakes, biscuits and other desserts.


The second in the list of famous alcoholic beveragesworld - bitter (English bitter-bitter) - tincture with a bitter taste, made on the basis of extracts of herbs, roots, stems and leaves of medicinal plants. As part of this aperitif can be wormwood, gentian, pepper, orange peel, ginger, anise, fruit juices or fruit drinks. Bitters are also used for making cocktails. The most famous bitter is the Italian campari, a beautiful ruby-red color, with a characteristic bitter taste and exquisite aroma. Campari is used to make famous cocktails Americano, Negroni, Garibaldi, Rose of Wrath, Lady Diana.

Vermouth (German) wermut - wormwood) - fortified wine, flavored with spicy and medicinal plants. The main component of any vermouth is Alpine wormwood. Additional ingredients: yarrow, mint, cinnamon, cardamom, black elderberry, nutmeg. The most famous representatives of this group of drinks are Italian martinis and cinzano. Vermouth is served with ice and a slice of lemon or orange.

Light white wines perfectly quench your thirst in summerheat. They are perfectly combined with fish, seafood and soft cheese. White dry wines are drunk chilled to 8-12, semi-dry - up to 5-6 degrees. Rose wines are universal: they are offered to fish, seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes. Red dry and semi-dry wines are excellent companions of meat dishes.


Alcoholic cocktails are prepared on the basis of martini,Campari, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, tequila and other strong drinks. These aperitifs are offered to guests 20 minutes before the feast. Favorite drink of ladies - cocktail long-drink. It is enough only to put several ice cubes on the bottom of the glass, pour 30-50 g of strong alcohol into it, add 20 g of liqueur or vermouth. In the end, -100 g of orange, pineapple or apple juice. Long drink is ready! If the juice is replaced with 10 grams of raspberry or strawberry syrup, you get a short-drink (short cocktail). The most popular cocktails are Pinakolada, Daikiri, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Mojito, Sex on the Beach.

Port wine

This Portuguese fortified wine has its own circleAdmirers. In the form of an aperitif, white is preferred. It has a delicate aroma and rich taste, combining pleasant sweetness and a refreshing sourness. The port is drunk chilled to 14-18 degrees, and the ideal snack for it is soft cheeses and goose liver.


In the list of famous alcoholic beverages in the world andSpanish fortified wine of golden-straw or amber color with a fine taste and a delicate aroma. Dry sherry (14-16% alcohol, 0.2% sugar) is considered an excellent aperitif and always drunk chilled. According to the rules of etiquette, this is the only wine that can be served to the soup.


This sparkling wine the French call "a drinkjoy and happiness. " A glass of champagne arouses appetite and cheers up. This champagne comes from the French province of Champagne. It is made from grape varieties "Pinot Lesser", "Pinot Noir", "Chardonnay", "Cabernet", "Sauvignon". As an aperitif, brut is best (up to 1.5% sugar), dry (2% sugar) and sparkling semi-dry champagne (4% sugar).

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