/ / On the eve of the visit of distinguished guests

On the eve of the visit of distinguished guests

In the restaurant at one table sat ... Do you remember, I invited them to visit us? Will you be in Poltava - welcome ...
- And who pulled your tongue ?! - in her heart attacked her husband. "Of course, I do not object to the arrival of guests." But not two days before the salary. In the house though a ball roll!
Here I have a little more than enough: In the refrigerator lay a kilogram of "Hunting" sausages, cheese, eggs and butter, but I did not remind my husband of them, but, on the contrary, angrily remarked: "The Krivtsovs are sure that we are wealthy people. I told them about it myself ... You know, when Raya began to tell me about their two-story house, a housekeeper, I could not resist ... well, I wove extra stuff. I bet you are a banker, not a guard. And then I had to keep the brand. Like, we love to rest abroad ... About a housekeeper, too, came up with ...

A doorbell rang at the door. On the threshold stood Lena's neighbor with a cup in her hands: "Tan, sugar can not be lulled a bit?" And then I got such an idea! We harnessed Gena to the porters. For half an hour he dragged to us from a neighbor's apartment a handmade carpet, pictures and antique utensils (all this well belonged to Lena as a legacy from his grandfather). Lenka also had to play the role of housekeeper. Our small apartment was transformed, as if by magic, but Lena, having looked around critically, remained unhappy: "You still can not reach the new Ukrainians!" And then my blessed one dawned:
- And let's say that we sold our four-room apartment, but the house has not been completed yet. Therefore temporarily we remove this apartment.
"Not a bad story," Lena said. "And what shall we give to the table?"
"What about the chicken stuffed with slices of pineapple, and the mango with white mushroom sauce?" Simple, but tasteful, eh ?!

Lena's eyes widened, And Gena even coughed with surprise. When he found the gift of speech, he asked: "Do you imagine how much this will cost your" unpretentious "?" And then I laid out my trump ace:
- We first, as it should be according to etiquette, we will submitWine and salad. And then I tell Lena to serve hotter. She will put the chicken on the dish and - oh, what awkward! - as if he would drop everything on the floor. Will come to us and with tears in his eyes will tell you what happened, I'll eat it, and then I'll ask you to fry the sausages. How do you like my idea? The idea was warmly and enthusiastically approved. The Krivtsovs came, as promised, at exactly three. Lena completely got used to the image. She fluttered out in a flirty apron and even crouched in front of expensive guests.
"It's very nice of you," Raisa said, looking around. "Only a bit cramped ..." Gena immediately gave Krivtsov a version of the house under construction.
I invited the guests to the table. Wine and salad were approved, paintings and dishes were taken in admiration.
"Lenochka, give me something hot!" - I shouted and explained to the guests what they were being served right now.
- This minute, - immediately responded neighbor, andThen, in accordance with the script, she heard her frightened exclamation and the sound of broken utensils. Lena appeared in the living room a little later than was supposed by the script. Her face was white as chalk, and real tears glittered in her eyes. "What a game! I thought to myself. "We must advise Lenka to act in the theater." "Once ... once ... it was beating ... V-in-all on the floor!" Stammered Lena. She covered her face with her hands and, with a loud sob, ran to the kitchen.

I went after him.

On the floor lay a broken dish, and on linoleumWrithing in convulsions expiring with fat ... "Hunting" sausages. And then I was attacked by a "scoundrel". Lena also laughed. In our very inappropriate fun came Rais from the living room. She had to confess everything. A few minutes later the guest laughed merrily over our misadventures. In the meantime, we cleaned the kitchen, the men managed to get off at the pizzeria and bring two huge pizzas. This time, the five of us sat down to eat, together with the "housekeeper." The tension that reigned at the table a half hour ago, as it had never been. The Krivtsovs were not any snobs, they were excellent guys!
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