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Tourism as an activity type

Tourism is able to solve health problems atStrict observance of the correct mode of movement in the area, in carrying out preparatory hardening measures and in possession of some knowledge on the prevention of diseases. Tourism as a kind of active recreation involves the implementation of any journey. It can be like a trip on different types of transport, and a hike (and often both at the same time). When you are engaged in tourism, you can relax, changing the environment and nature of activities, admiring the beautiful natural landscapes, getting acquainted with various cultural and historical sights of different regions, talking to other travel participants and people living in the visited settlements. In the implementation of such outdoor activities it is important to know the features of physical exercise dosing, to consider the requirements for catering and to be able to choose the right clothes for traveling.

When practicing tourism, adaptation to stressesIt is much easier than with sports. The marching regime as well as possible promotes a rapid adaptation to the new conditions. During the movement on foot, and even with the additional load in the form of a backpack behind the shoulders, almost all the muscles of the human body receive a fairly decent physical load. Therefore, with active movement in the tourist hike, you need to stop periodically for rest and recuperation.

Despite the inevitable long-termPhysically loading during hiking, properly organized tourist trip helps to create a cheerful mood and has a pronounced health effect on the state of human health.

However, with some omissions during the lessonsTourism is possible and not quite desirable effects on the body. For example, in case of insufficient physical preparation of tourists, development of overwork and exhaustion of forces is possible. Such consequences can also be caused by the presence of any chronic diseases that do not manifest themselves in the absence of physical activity in everyday life, but immediately become apparent in marching conditions. Such factors nevertheless are not an absolute contraindication to the implementation of such an active type of recreation as tourism, but in the presence of deviations in health, it is necessary to carefully consider in advance possible loads on the participants of the hike. For example, with active traffic on a rough terrain, you need to calculate the workload for each participant in such a way as to prevent the development of fatigue and prevent a decrease in concentration. Long absence of stops for rest in the campaign is fraught with the development of the state of fatigue in a person, while the tourist becomes more prone to injuries and is much less able to adequately act in possible emergency situations.

Thus, tourism is generally accessibleActive kind of rest, but at the same time requires both physical and psychological readiness of a person to carry out physical activities during travel.

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