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Winter Holidays in Yaremche

In the Soviet times here there were up to twoMillions of tourists annually. For the uniqueness of any other place, such a number of guests would be disastrous. But Yaremche was a tough nut to crack. Winds of fashion are broken about its uniqueness, both about granite rocks. For this and appreciate. For what else? You can talk for a long time ...

Hutsuls are obstinate. No skyscrapers, disfiguring the landscape - onlyOne-two-story houses with wide farmsteads in which they live without any fuss and haste (when God created time, he created it enough), and inexhaustible inner optimism. Have you heard the local kolomjinki? Two rhymed lines of 14 syllables each (well, just like in a Japanese haiku) are composed to any event from birth to death and sing to one of a dozen traditional tunes, invariably cheerful.

Discouragement is a grave sin!
Add to that healing air, clean water,bright sun. Probably, because of all together taken Yaremche - recognized climatic and balneological resort. It is good for those who are in love with the movement, and for those who appreciate peace. The first is pleased with the proximity to Vorokhta and the accessibility of the ski slopes of Yablunitsa and Polyanytsya. The second ones appreciate the beauty and the possibility of long single walks. The hosts are happy with everything. Thirteen recreation centers, eleven sanatoriums, five tourist bases, six health camps and more than two hundred private houses ready to shelter travelers - you will agree, a lot. But, it turns out, and not much. Especially in the days of winter holidays. The one who has once admired the colorful violence of Hutsul costume - is forever fascinated and subdued. But it is in such suits, each of which is a true work of art, for the holiday in Yaremche, everything is dressed from small to large. The children are especially good. Caroling girls are called kings here, young men are tanners. Even today they are walking around the city from house to house, and the hosts cheerfully greet them.

It is customary to start a holiday with the voice of a trembit, Continue under the songs and incendiary melodies"Troyutihmuzik." This is me to the fact that a camera in the festive Yaremche is simply necessary. Show your friends the beauty you see will be much easier than describing it. And if you want silence, go to the rock. And to see the eight-meter waterfall of Proby, do not go far, just walk to the city center. The volcanic water flies down, jumping on the beautiful stone cascade. You can stand on the bridge, admiring her inexhaustible melodious beauty.

Until the frosty air reminds you ofNeed to enjoy gastronomy. The food in Yaremche is amazing! And everywhere. And yet pamper yourself, go to the restaurant "Carpathians". The restaurant building is the pride of Yaremche. This wooden wonder was built in the tradition of folk architecture with almost no nails. Are you hungry? Be sure to try the mushroom soup, order the white millet mushrooms, juicy lamb shish kebab or banuche - corn porridge with pieces of brynza, cooked on ... sour cream. Most dishes in Yaremche are traditionally cooked in the oven and served on a table in pots. What hostess does not want to try to reproduce such a culinary masterpiece? To begin with, it would be nice to buy the appropriate dishes. Well, very near there is a huge souvenir market. Here you will find a wonderful carpathian pottery, and dishes made of wood, covered with a workshop carving. Magnificent leather goods, carpets, bright paths, and shaggy woolen blankets promise heat even in the harshest cold. And the prices are pleasantly surprised. Talk about favorite places is easy and pleasant. But it's better to see once!
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