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Outdoor activities

Resting in free after work time on freshAir, we thereby ensure the necessary supply of oxygen to our body. Molecules of this substance are extremely necessary for the normal flow of biochemical processes, during which energy is released in the human body. Rarely on the open air, we ourselves are doomed to oxygen starvation. What can this lead to?

First, to obtain the energy needed forFulfillment of various actions by our body (both physical exercise and mental work), a person must eat a variety of nutrients every day. Among the most important components of nutrition can be called proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When they are split, oxygen molecules are used. Often in the open air, we get a sufficient amount of this gaseous substance. But if a person spends most of his time at work in a stuffy office and even during rest does not leave the walls of his apartment, then, respectively, with reduced intake of oxygen into the body, the splitting of nutrients supplied with food does not happen so intensively. At the same time, food is worse absorbed, excess body weight appears, and the processes of putrefactive fermentation in the intestine develop. Resting in the open air, we provide the necessary speed of oxidation of the main energy suppliers for our body - carbohydrates and fats.

Secondly, with a constant stay in the stuffyThe blood hemoglobin binds less oxygen, which worsens the supply of cells of different tissues with this substance. The lack of fresh air contributes to the development of oxygen starvation, which is fraught with the appearance of disturbances in the work of various organs of our body and can lead to the appearance of serious diseases.

Thirdly, with prolonged neglect of rest,Organized in the fresh air, the working capacity of a person inevitably decreases. The fact is that the brain (the most important organ for controlling the actions of the body) is extremely sensitive to lack of oxygen. Therefore, a decrease in the consumption of this gaseous substance leads to the development of increased fatigue and the onset of symptoms of headache.

In addition, resting in the fresh air, we simplyAre forced to actively move and at the expense of this to provide physical activity for various muscle groups of our body. The motor activity helps maintain muscle tone, improves blood supply to all organs of the body and thereby ensures the proper transport of oxygen to all cells and tissues.

As you can see, being in the open air duringRest on weekends or in the evening after a working day will help to restore the strength of the body as soon as possible. Types of motor activity that can be carried out during such a holiday, depending on the place of stay and the season of the year, can be very diverse - jogging, playing badminton, swimming, skiing or even just walking. If you do not have the opportunity to go out of town, then you can walk in the nearest park or square - the abundance of vegetation in these areas contributes to a higher concentration of oxygen in the air. But to make morning or evening jogs along the busy highway (which can often be seen on the streets of large cities) still should not be. After all, air with a large amount of impurities from cars exhaust can not be called fresh, and when running our lungs will necessarily intensively absorb all these harmful substances. Therefore, it is better to run on the racetrack of the stadiums or, even better, in the city squares with lush vegetation.

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