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Active holidays in the New Year holidays

Winter with its snow and frosts isA unique season of the year. Why not take full advantage of the peculiarity of this period? After all, the snow cover provides an excellent opportunity to organize outdoor activities during the New Year holidays.

Make full use of seasonal featuresWinter period for active rest is possible in the event that on New Year's holidays you at least for a day or two with the whole family got out of town. Surely at your dacha or in the village your grandmothers and grandfathers had old sledges on which you can ride from a snowy mountain. Perhaps in the office of your worker you are a respectable person of an executive kind, who by state must be serious and strict. However, forget about your solidity for at least a couple of days. Put on some old warm things that you do not mind, and - forward, from the hill on a sleigh! Having rejected all the complexes and prejudices, with the help of such an active holiday you will get a lot of positive emotions.

And if you have skis, then on New Year's EveVacation on them, you can also go downhill or even make a short walk around the neighborhood. The main thing - do not forget to choose the right clothes for such active rest (it should be warm, so that you are not frozen, but at the same time comfortable and allows sweeping movements with your hands and feet, which is necessary for skiing). If, during a ski trip, you skated too intensely and you sped a little, then after the end of active skiing and until you returned home, in order to avoid catarrhal diseases, it is better to throw a warm fur coat or coat on your shoulders.

If the active rest in the form of skiingOr sleighs you still do not attract, then you can just stroll through the winter forest, play snowballs with children or make a snowman with an invariable carrot instead of a nose with them. Do not be too lazy to take a camera with you and capture the process of your rest - the pictures will cause you to have joy and warm memories for many years.

Perhaps you like figure skating. In this case, during the New Year holidays, you can also actively rest with health benefits. Surely in your city there are several ice areas, where there are rental stations for skates. In the days of the New Year holidays, take the time to get out on the ice and skate a bit, because you do not even need to get out of town for this. Active physical exercises in the fresh air during the New Year's holiday will support the body in a tonus, help "burn" extra calories and, thus, contribute to the maintenance of a slender figure.

Well, if you absolutely do not acceptA long stay in the open air at sub-zero temperatures, it's not a reason to stay home at home during all New Year holidays. Visit training in sports clubs or fitness centers, because most of them work almost all weekends.

And during the festive events on a visit and onParties do not sit too long at the table - actively move during dances and participate in all sorts of competitions. Remember: movement is life!

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