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Carpet coverings, carpets

The art of carpet weaving goes back toCentral Asia: out of the wool of sheep, nomads wove warm linens in order to quickly equip a dwelling. The carpet of those days served as the entrance door or floor of the tent, protecting it from wind and sand, used for sitting and riding. Gradually, carpets became a subject of luxury and even art. In Persia, the complex craft of carpet weaving was passed from generation to generation and was considered the most expensive family value. Persian carpets impressed by diversity, fascinated by a combination of colors and uniqueness of ornaments.
Recently, carpets have been criticized, but today theytriumphantly returned to our homes. No laminate, let alone linoleum, does not give the house the warm comfort that the carpet gave. And remove the dust from the carpet faster than from any gender. And the noise he absorbs perfectly, and in winter it stores heat and normalizes humidity.

Now on the wall you can see Except expensive handmade carpets, walk on which blasphemy, and iridescent silk, which are so thin that it is unlikely to warm on winter evenings.
Bright room, shading carpets in cold tones,darkish "warms" the coating of warm tones. Correctly selected carpet stylistically integrates the interior into a harmonious whole or, conversely, becomes a color accent.
A wide range and affordable prices allowChoose a carpet that matches any stylistic direction. So, connoisseurs of softness will approach pile woolen and half-woolen products with ornaments from flowers and garlands. Such "historically seasoned" carpets are good in interiors of classical or oriental style.
Well, in the interior in the Art Nouveau style will fit wellCarpet, imitating a mat. For the now popular interior in the ethno style, the presence of Arab, African, Indian and other national elements is characteristic. The carpet, made in the traditions of this or that country, will give the apartment its unique flare, it will bring a note of exotic mystery to it.

Whatever style and from what material you choose a carpet,the main thing is that it does not become a home dust collector. Alas, but in a dusty carpet, microscopic organisms such as dust mites, fungi and bacteria are created that pose an invisible threat to health. At the same time, dust and dirt harm not only the appearance of carpets, but over time they begin to spread an unpleasant smell.
If the owner of the carpet is not very careful to keep it in "sports form", the air in such a room will constantly unpleasantly smell.

Good housewives know secret air and carpet freshness, becausetry to vacuum carpets daily. Such a measure is especially necessary where there are pets. And if there are babies in the house, then cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is included in the daily "compulsory program". And it is simply impossible to "roll back" it to the highest 6 figure points without a powerful and reliable assistant. And all of us at the same time will be unanimous in our striving for the maximum quiet operation of the vacuum cleaner when it comes to the characteristic noise that it emits when working.
Of course, there are no noiseless vacuum cleaners yet, butthe market has already appeared real "quiet." For this, the main components were harmoniously perfected - a brush, a telescopic tube and the motor itself. Now, during cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you can safely watch TV, listen to your favorite music, communicate with each other or by phone. Well, for the most demanding cleaners in these vacuum cleaners, a hygienic filtration system was installed.
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