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The effect of ionization of air on the human body

Ionization of air, or aeroionization,Is a method of improving the health characteristics of the air in production, medical and residential areas due to saturation of the atmosphere with negative ions - aeroions, which are electrically charged molecules of gases. It is established that such a change in air composition has a positive effect on many systems of human organs. In particular, there is a stimulating and curative effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, respiratory organs. The effect of ionization of air also contributes to the weakening of allergic reactions, to an increase in the speed of wound healing, to a reduction in pain sensations. With the systematic passage of such a healing procedure, a person feels better, a cheerful mood is formed, and working capacity is increased. The positive effect of ionization of air is also expressed in the disappearance of headaches in man and the alleviation of the course of a number of diseases. So, the pronounced health-improving effect of the effect of ionized air on the human body is observed with insomnia, overwork, asthma, arterial hypertension.

For artificial air enrichment in closedSpecial devices are produced by ions - aeroionizers. In the process of using these technical devices, they are usually switched on at night, while leaving an open window in the room.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit the houseRest or sanatorium, where there is such a wellness service - it does not matter. Knowing some features of ionization of air in the natural environment, you can ensure yourself a regular stay in natural complexes with an increased concentration of ions in the atmosphere. It was found that a high content of negative ions in the air is observed in the mountains, forests, parks, on the coast of the sea, near waterfalls. Even in sections of large cities with a large number of green plantations, the aeroin concentration is twice as high as in open areas. Expressed a positive effect on the human body will have a strongly ionized air of pine and spruce forests, oak forests, areas with predominant growth of willow, mountain ash, juniper. That is why health and medical institutions always try to place on the outskirts of cities or in the countryside, closer to the forests. Given the ability of many plant species to increase the ionization of air, they are used for gardening of city streets and squares, as well as in industrial and residential areas.

Thus, the effect of artificial ionizationAir is beneficial for human health. Staying in rooms with a high concentration of aeroions is a unique procedure that can have a restorative effect on many systems of organs of our body. Knowledge of the peculiarities of the process of ionization of air flowing in the natural environment will allow you to choose places for your rest taking into account the level of air ion content in the atmosphere.

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