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Benefits from active rest

Back in the 19th century the Russian scientist-physiologist IvanMikhailovich Sechenov proved that fatigue is much faster removed not with absolute rest of the body (which is a passive rest), but as a result of a change in the type of activity. In the works of the great scientist it is proved that if in the course of work there is an active switching of activity from one muscle groups and the controlling nerve centers to others, then tired muscle fibers restore their efficiency much more quickly. These physiological processes and cause the benefits for our body with active rest. Coming home after work, as a holiday is best to change the type of activity.

For example, if during business hours you are predominantlyAre engaged in manual labor, then it is better to take home at home to do things that require at least a minimal mental strain. But this does not mean that you should limit mobility and forget about active rest. Of course, if you are busy at work with heavy physical labor, then when you get home, you can quite afford to spend some time in complete peace, sit in a soft armchair or even lie down on the couch. However, the whole evening in this motionless position is not exactly worth pursuing - you will not benefit from such a rest. Take care of doing any homework or even attend an occupation of any sports section - the main thing is that when exercising, the muscles that worked most during the day are not particularly fatigued. And vice versa, tired with the performance of the monotonous work of a group of muscle fibers with active rest should not receive heavy loads. If you feel that your body is tired enough to not be able to endure any training, then at least just go for a walk to the nearest park or park. This type of activity is also an option for active recreation and will help to relieve fatigue. In addition, staying in the open air will bring great benefits to your nervous system, enrich the hemoglobin of the blood with oxygen and provide a full recovery of power during sleep.

If you work in the office and all daySpend in front of the computer monitor, then in this case the active physical activity will bring great benefit to the organism. If you do not plan to leave the walls of your apartment, then clean up the premises - this kind of work will provide quite a decent physical load. In the event that all household chores have already been performed and there is a lot of free time, do not be lazy to enroll in a sports section or a fitness club. The only thing to consider is the time of training. It is advisable to finish the lessons no later than eight in the evening, i.е. For two or three hours before sleep, so that active rest does not lead to overexcitation of your body in the late evening time and did not cause insomnia. The benefit of attending at least a couple of times a week of workouts where you can exercise will be simply invaluable to your health. Such an active holiday will provide you with cheerfulness, good mood, excellent well-being and quick recovery.

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