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New women's mobile phones

Speak and play
Smartphones, of course, crowd "just mobile phones," surpassing their multifunctionality. Increases the specialization of new products: a music phone, a camera phone, a phone for fans of games.
The most fashionable "chip" of time - touchphones and mobiles with a touch screen, fully controlled by touching your fingers, are really very comfortable.
A modest handset with a minimal set of functions,Necessary for a small child or an elderly person, today, too, can be found. The most important requirements for such a device are a rugged case with large buttons, a loud bell, a vibrating alert, a convenient phone book.

If you want to not only talk on the phone, Take a look at mobile phones with entertainmentFunctions. Favorites of youth-phones with built-in MP3 player. For example, the phone player Samsung Beat DJ externally and functionally indistinguishable from the MP3 player; The new model Nokia 5530 XpressMusic has stereo speakers of "ambient" sound with a three-dimensional effect; The novelty of the popular series Walkman W995 from Sony Ericsson is equipped with the function of selecting songs according to your mood SensMe.
A modern camera phone includes a 5-8 megapixelPhoto / video camera with high-quality optics, xenon flash, multiple zoom, autofocus and image stabilization. New items, for example NokiaN868 MP and Sony Ericsson Satioc 12.1 M pixels. Matrix, support face recognition and smile detection, as well as geotagging - record GPS coordinates of the location for each photo.
Entertainment at leisure will help igrofon -A full-fledged mobile phone with gaming capabilities. So, the new Sony Ericsson Yari allows you to control games with gestures, shaking and moving the device from side to side.

Multiply by two!
For business people mobile phones are designed withTwo SIM-cards, which allow you to save on calls and different rates for mobile communications. In fact, the user has two phones in one package: the first for local calls, the second for roaming and access to the Internet. These phones are not more expensive than ordinary mobile phones in their classes. Available for the price of Fly, Philips, and models LG, Samsung - more expensive.
Double benefit from some modern ladiesModels. For example, in the line of "dvuhsimochnyh" tubes Samsung DUOS there is a phone La Fleur Touch D980 with the application "Mobile coupon": its owner receives discounts in some stores and cafes, showing the seller a coupon on the phone screen.

Do not you have the opportunity to often recharge your phone? Then you can use mobile phones with increasedTime without recharging. "Long-distance telephones" have been created, for example, the Xenium line from Philips: its novelties with a Li-lon battery last up to 12 hours in talk mode and up to 1200 hours (50 days) in standby mode! Recently there were devices with two power sources, for example Philips X520, working both from the accumulator, and from a thin finger-type battery.

Bluetooth Headset Allows you to talk and drive a car, take calls, without getting a mobile phone from your handbag, and most importantly - it is suitable for any type of phone.
Plantronics savi go. It is irreplaceable for those who want to use one device for working with a computer (or laptop) and with a mobile phone.
Bluetrek bizz. The device weighs 10 grams performs three functions - provides communication in Handsfree mode, serves as a card reader for microSD cards (up to 8 GB) and a USB flash drive!
Jabra vt8030. Stereo headset with a secret: the wireless headphones are transformed into a portable speaker system. Headphones "open up" and turn into ... speakers.
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