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Interior kitsch: how to create a stylish environment in the apartment

Ideas of freedom and unusual stylistic solutions,Of course, are important in the arrangement of housing. But designers warn: between avant-garde eclecticism and banal durnovkusiyem there is a fatal line behind which fashionable identity turns into meaningless chaos. How to competently balance on the brink?

Choose modern furniture. Massive "walls", awkward cabinets, bulky sets with mezzanines and sideboards - is by no means the best choice for an apartment, even if it is a question of styling the Soviet interior. It is necessary to focus on current trends - practicality, functionality, airiness. Modular systems, transformer cabinets, structures from open and closed shelves are not only elegant and light - they allow you to organize space in accordance with individual needs.

Give up office furniture. The working area in the apartment is not a whim, but an urgent need for the average resident of a metropolis. But it does not have to be created by office canons - such a corner will always look alien in a residential interior. Dimensional chairs on wheels and tables from dim DSP-boards are better to replace more laconic and accurate models.

Avoid domination of one style. It is in this case that it is appropriate to depart from the strict framework, allowing yourself a little imagination. Do not try to buy all the furniture from one set or all decorative items - from one series. It is quite natural to bring bright accents or unusual decorative touches to your own interior - only so it will become really relevant.

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