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Private holiday: Finland

Anywhere negative emotions and thoughts do not evaporatewith such speed, as in the unique anti-stress zone "Harmony" SPA Hotel KUNNONPAIKKA, which is located only 10 kilometers from Kuopio, the largest city of Eastern Finland. The well-known Finnish architect Margit Sherus designed this space according to all the laws of feng shui. The tranquil colors of the interior, the absence of corners, soft light and unobtrusive music really create a special atmosphere conducive to complete relaxation and relaxation. In the SPA-menu, which you will be offered, there is such a variety of exquisite procedures that you want to try everything.

Do you love chocolate? Feel free to choose a chocolate wrap! And do not count calories - from your favorite treat you will not get well, and your skin will become silky. Do you want to feel like a queen? Choose a ruby-pearl procedure. You will be enveloped in a fragrant plume of aroma of rose petals, you will be given a light massage with warm pink oil, and then a real ruby ​​scrub will be applied to the body. He will give the skin a "second" breath, and the milk-pearl bath will rejuvenate and make you believe in your own irresistibility. By the way, in order to lose weight by two or three kilograms, you will only need an hour of the procedure "Treasure of the Seas". On the problem zones, sea water is given a strong concentration and two elixirs - relaxing and eliminating excess fluid. A special massage technique, combining lymphatic and classical, will bring your figure closer to the ideal. After any procedure, wrapped in a cozy robe, it is nice to be in the arms of a soft rocking chair, drink herbal tea or apple juice, close your eyes and enjoy inner harmony. And let the whole world wait...

Go to the bath!
One of the attractions of the SPA-hotelRAUHALAHTI - the world's largest bath "in black." Along with the Finnish sauna, it can be called a traditional SPA. Soft steam will take care of the well-being, remove toxins from the body, relax the muscles and relieve stress. And if you also dip into the coolness of the cleanest lake Kallavesi, then you will render your health an invaluable service. Be sure to walk barefoot on the tickling grass along the shore, contemplating the fabulous scenery - this is an unforgettable experience. Like swimming in an open pool. Around the pine, birds singing, the rustle of grass, the blue sky and the sun overhead ...

A fine mood will create a "peat" eveningbeauty in the hotel's SPA-center. You will be given a mud mask on your face, body or just your feet. Peat is appreciated by the Finns for their healing power: it activates the circulatory process, is indispensable in the problematic rut and in the fight against cellulite. A cleansing scrub with Dead Sea salts will be applied to the body, after 10 minutes warm towels will be massaged and smeared with peat mud. Under the influence of warm air jets, the curative effect of biologically active peat substances will become more effective. After a warm shower you will feel how smooth and velvety your skin has become.

It is during sports activities in our bodyendorphins are produced - hormones of pleasure. Behind them we will go to SPA-hotel HOLIDAY CLUB VESILEPPIS. On the ground floor of the hotel is the world's first underground snow arena for cross-country skiing and a curling roller. You can skate in winter and summer. Sports equipment will be provided for hire. Are you frozen? In the barrel of Hulju. It stands on the shore of the lake. The water in it is heated by wood to a temperature of 40 ° C. You can also warm in a glass aqua park, where it is always + 32 ° C. There are six 25-meter paths, a jacuzzi and a hydromassage area. Give your body a "Journey to the world of the jungle": foot massage with ashibors; coral body peeling; gentle mousse of cocoa beans, guarana and algae; modeling massage and a cup of herbal tea.

Relax in Chinese
SPA-hotel KUNTORANTA, which is in the centerEast Finland, in Varkus, has become famous among locals and guests by the Chinese therapeutic cabinet of Tao's Health, only here you can experience the healing effect of thermo-acupuncture.The Chinese masters will massage the feet or the whole body.If you have chosen foot therapy, a herbal bath and a mug of green tea.With dimmed light and pacifying music, the master massages the feet on the acupuncture points, as a result of which the activity of the internal organs is activated, and you relax. the process of blood circulation and metabolism are exchanged.The master will tell you what are your health problems, what you should pay attention to. After this procedure, you will have a feeling of complete relaxation.
Completely forget about civilization you will succeed incenter of comfortable rest LOHIMAA. This is the most quiet harbor in the region of "1000 lakes". Stylish rooms, cozy cottages, trout ponds - everything is created for rest and peace. A special pleasure is a forest VIP sauna with a view of the crystal lake and a jacuzzi in the open air.
Fishing is an exclusively male occupation? Having visited the salmon land (this is translated from the Finnish name Lohimaa), you will understand how much were mistaken. You are equiped in special waterproof clothes and shoes, give out a spinning rod or a fishing rod and explain the technique of fishing. Standing waist-deep in the water in anticipation of a trout, salmon or taimen, you will have time to meditate, looking at running water bubbling, and get a golden tan. Your catch will be expertly prepared by the local chef on the grill of the open veranda of the restaurant. In the evening, you will enjoy a delicious dinner and a contemplation of an unforgettable sunset-chameleon.

Wellness cocktail
This natural Finnish cocktail will provide your body with antioxidants and vitamins that prolong its youth.
100 g fresh cloudberries
100 g fresh raspberries
100 g fresh blackberry
leaves of mint and a few berries for decoration
Whisk the berries in a blender. Pour the cocktail into a large glass. On top decorate with berries and mint leaves.
Having visited Finland, you understand why the Finnscall their country by the name of a beautiful girl - Suomi. After the Finnish holidays, you absolutely sure will return to the rested soul and body, healthy, rejuvenated and cheerful.

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