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Buki Tikic Village

In the last year or two, five fishermen, climbers, summer residents can be found here at times, but in autumn there is no solitude, peace and dizzying beauty.

Everything flows, everything changes ...
Buki - a large old village on the banks of the Gorny RiverTikic. In the XV century there stood a fortress, the remains of which can be found, with an interest in asking local residents. In the XIX century, someone's estate flourished (reminiscent of today's park lanes, overgrown with undergrowth), and on the river worked a mill, now almost disappeared. And the estate, and the mill, it seems, "demolished" the revolutionary storm. But in 1929, according to the plan of the GOELRO, a hydroelectric power station was built on the river, the first in Europe of a rural HPP. Until now, technical facilities have come in the form of romantic ruins. But the monument to the creator of the electrification plan for the whole country is still intact today. Optimistic Ilyich meets guests at the bridge, towering against the backdrop of lush thickets of dogrose.

Rocks, sky and river
Unusually everything here. Say, the village is called Buki, and the beeches do not grow here. And the mountain landscape, unexpected against the backdrop of the vast Cherkassy fields! .. The name of the river Gorny Tikich also looks strange. Why mountain, if the plain is round? However, after seeing the river, you are convinced that the name is justified. A small river, only 167 kilometers long, managed to make its way among the ancient granites and create a deep canyon surrounded by quaint rocks. As if justifying the name. Mountain Tikich then rustles and foams on the ruts, then boils with whirlpools, then freezes by the smoothness of quiet creeks. Not far from the bridge rumbles Vyr ridge - a hydrological monument of nature.

Buk canyon is small, Its length is slightly less than 5 kilometers, but,Compensating for the size of the quality, it opens incredible scenic landscapes at every turn. Twenty-meter high rocks hang over the water cornices, bristling with sharp corners, and suddenly break off by a strict vertical, continued in the mirror reflection of a quiet whirlpool. These places attract mountaineers: athletes often train here.
They say the most beautiful places are in the spring. Ready to argue: in the blaze of autumn colors canyon is irresistible. And from contemplation, nothing distracts - an absolute lack of people. Here you regret that you are not endowed with the talent of the painter, and you click, click the camera, wanting to show: it's good to visit, but at home it's better. The main thing is to learn to notice it. And then here, after all, we heard the sound of an ax on a rural farmstead - and for some reason the Japanese "haiku" was remembered ...

To notepad
How to get there? It's convenient to go to Bukov by private car, or by bus from Cherkassy. The river Gorny Tikic flows in the Proterozoic granites: the canyon rocks, it is terrible to think, more than two billion years.
This city really attracts its unusualBeauty. It is worth to visit the whole family, so in the coming holidays we advise you to visit this ancient place. Residents of the city of Buki are quite hospitable, and in your chosen hotel you and your family will be offered a small tour of the ancient places of the town.
Visit the village of Buki, and you will not regret it! Also you can find out if there is a city tour in the city of Buki. Having gone all family on a small trip, do not forget to grab the camera!
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