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Reshaping an apartment in the home

Constantly there is a desire to remove excess walls andDue to this, expand the apartment space, make higher ceilings or add additional space, for example, remove the shortcomings of the original layout and make a bathroom instead of just the shower. However, this renovation of the apartment requires coordination in a number of instances. Otherwise, you can wait for penalties - after all, when carrying out repairs on their own, it is very difficult to prevent the slightest violation of fire safety standards, compliance with all sanitary regulations and requirements.

But for the emergence of such a situation, whenYou will have to pay solid fines, it is enough just one complaint from you from your attentive neighbors. Well, for sure you can not sell, exchange or simply formally lease an apartment or a house with an illegally made layout. And you are unlikely to want to pay fines of this size at such an inopportune time as the global economic crisis that is still going on. And no one can predict the exact date of its termination, or at least guarantee that it will not happen again. In any case, you can always afford to buy a variety of stylish things for your home. Or go on vacation, relax after a grueling repair.

Renovation of the apartment should be designed to make your apartment a more comfortable place, but who said that the process itself must be extremely uncomfortable?
You can solve the problem with state bodiesDecide on their own and save a little money on the payment of intermediary services of firms that professionally deal with such issues. And you can also use the services of specialists and do not waste your time, besides, you do not know the procedure of coordination as well as professionals know it, you can expect to repeat examinations or receive the same papers several times - to make corrections , for example.

However, it is likely that in your cityThe procedure has already been simplified or your case does not raise any special questions. Ultimately, here again the question arises of choosing - what exactly is more valuable to you, time or money?

Renovation of the apartment with their own hands requiresThe one who does it, not only the availability of specific knowledge in the field of seemingly so distant a sphere from repairing an apartment as a legal one, but also certain knowledge in the field of design, psychology and, of course, construction. And also the exact knowledge of how communications are arranged in your home, you may not be enough at the most important and crucial moment.

Remember that each stage and the entire procedure -Renovation of the apartment - must be agreed. If you suddenly decide to change your mind and change the future version of the apartment, then you will have to confirm the new model again, otherwise the penalty will be inevitable.

Apartment renovation by own strength can beQuality is carried out only with some participation of specialists, unless you really possess complex knowledge in the field of sanitary engineering, fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological norms, you have architectural or design estimates and a solid experience of the builder behind your back.

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