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Route of travel in Germany

Beneath us float clouds
Until now, this popular tourist route in Saxony is called the "trail of artists".
It begins on the rocks of Bastai, on the bridge,Thrown across the gorge Mardertelle. The steep rocks of the most bizarre forms resemble the giant's toys: skittles, pillars and pyramids. When you climb to a height of about 200 meters, there is a feeling that the whole world is far below, and you, along with the birds, seem to soar above the Elbe, and light clouds slowly float under your feet. It seems, just stretch your arms - and fly! That's from such enthusiastic tourists and installed on Bastay protective railing. However, this does not prevent experienced climbers from all over Europe from conquering the local cliffs.
In one place Elba broke through in a mountain rangeA huge hole. This is Kush-tal - the second-largest rocky gates of the Sandstone Mountains. The German word kuhstall means "cowshed". This strange name has a simple explanation. During the Thirty Years' War, peasants from nearby villages hid cattle here. From Kustal, tourists are offered to climb to the observation deck. But consider: the road is not easy. In the guidebooks it is called a "ladder to the sky."
We'll have to climb stairs, cut in a narrow gap between the rocks, to the height of the 9-storey building.

Waterfall on request
One of the most famous touristAttractions of Saxon Switzerland - Lichtenhain waterfall. Originally it was a small threshold on a rustic creek. In 1830 a dam was built here. One enterprising peasant built a restaurant next door and opened a dam for a moderate fee. Accumulated water overthrew, causing delight in dining tourists. Now the waterfall "works" every half hour for three minutes. The pleasure costs 30 euro cents. By the way, in the XIX century curious travelers were brought to a waterfall in armchairs carried by porters.

The fortress of Stolpen
In the wall of the basalt, the castle of Stolpen was cut down -Inaccessible stronghold of the XII century. Only a few knights could protect her. The main problem of strengthening was the water supply to the castle. For 22 years, Friberg miners punched a well in the basalt. For a day it was possible to go deeper by a centimeter. The mine turned out so deep that the cable on which the tub was lowered weighed 175 kilograms! The well is considered the deepest in the world of all made in the mountains.
The castle was the seat of the Elector and served as a prison for his noble subjects. In one of the towers, almost half a century, the beautiful Countess Anna Kosel, the favorite of Augustus the Strong, languished.

Interesting Facts
Wheeled steamboats have been moving along the Elbe since 1836. The Elbe Flotilla, consisting of such historical ships, is the oldest and largest in the world.
At the beginning of the 20th century, they developed their own rules for rock climbing.
Be sure to go on a fabulous tripOn this country - you are waited by a lot of surprises and the most beautiful landscape of the world. In traveling around this country you can visit a lot of interesting sights. It will be better if you do not travel alone, but with a guide. The guide can show you and other tourists a lot of interesting things, take them to the most beautiful places and tell the story of this unusual and individual country.
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