/ How to decorate a small apartment?

How to decorate a small apartment?

So how to furnish a small apartment so that different people can feel cozy and comfortable and at the same time store their belongings and accessories without compromising the space used?

The most fashionable method of design of small apartments -It's a studio apartment, that is, all walls of the partition are removed, the whole apartment becomes one big room. From the outside it looks great, but this design is not quite convenient for several reasons. Firstly, people who live in an apartment of such planning do not have personal space, it is impossible to retire, receive guests and do their own personal business. Also, this design of the apartment implies a constant observance of impeccable cleanliness, since things will now lie not in different, several rooms, but in one big one.

In this regard, most people preferMore simply and functionally to equip its living quarters. This arrangement implies the fullest possible use of the entire space of housing, using niches, mezzanines, architectural protrusions. Also significantly helps to save space various multifunctional furniture - sofa-books, tables and stools, armchairs-curbstones, in which you can store a huge amount of things - from bed linen to kitchen and toilet accessories, clothes.

One of the principles of organizing spaceA small apartment appears the division of the dwelling into zones. Even in a one-room apartment you can build a bedroom, study, living room, with a reasonable use of space. For the optimal zonality of the apartment, it is also recommended to distinguish the boundaries of working zones and recreation areas by various methods - this can be a color solution of the interior, and protrusions, grooves on the walls and on the floor, zoning with luminaires. Thanks to this technique, even a one-room apartment acquires a spacious, completed and well-groomed appearance.

Particular attention when dividing the apartment into zonesIs given to the color solution of the interior and lighting. Different colors of walls and furniture, lamps of varying degrees of brightness make it possible to clearly delimit the space of the apartment to different zones. Also, lighting plays a big role due to a visual increase in the living space, as light colors in the interior and translucent window curtains impart more light and thereby visually expand the space. Furniture should be selected matte light color, also for the visual effect of space expansion, as furniture of dark colors "heavier" the interior, thereby, as if reducing this precious space.

In the end, if you design the interior of your apartment inLight colors with light, air curtains, then with the onset of each new day from the abundance of bright morning sun and bright tones, the emotional mood will be at an altitude, and the apartment - more light and spacious.

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