/ Which scooter is better to buy?

Which scooter is best to buy

The modern market of scooters offers a wideAn assortment of different manufacturers and a diverse range of models. Each scooter is created for its buyer and this does not mean that the moped that does not suit you is bad. Simply, he has other advantages that you are not currently relevant.

Which scooter is best to choose

Before you buy a scooter, think about the following:

- What is the scooter for?

- Will you drive alone or with someone?

- Where do you plan to ride a scooter: in the city or at the dacha?

- Determine the total amount that you are willing to spend on a brand new shiny scooter.

If you decide on these issues, you can safely go to the store for the choice of the best scooter model.

Which scooter to choose: European, Japanese or Chinese?

Buy a scooter in Moscow and in any other largeThe city will not be difficult. Shops offer a wide range of scooters: from inexpensive and small Chinese production, to stylish maxuscuers, which sometimes cost more than a car.

The most popular are still JapaneseScooter with a small engine capacity of not more than 50 cm3. These models combine high quality assembly, a large selection of inexpensive parts and a democratic cost.

European manufacturers also produceScooters, but they, in comparison with the "Japanese comrades," are much larger and more expensive. Technical features, characteristic for European scooters, make them more vulnerable. They break more often. With spare parts, the situation is no better - they are expensive, and it is difficult to get them.

On Chinese scooters as a worthy scooter models to speak early. The models of Chinese factories are still very "raw" and technically imperfect.

Proceeding from all of the above, to continue choosing the best scooter is better among Japanese models.

So, Japanese scooters in the modern Russian market are represented by the three most famous manufacturers of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Scooter for country trips.

If most of the trips on the scooter will beDone outside the city, pay attention to the front fork and the presence of an air filter. The filter below will collect all the road dust, you will often have to change it. This model is better to choose for a city where dust is less.

For country trips, the fork on the scooter shouldTo be a pendulum (lever). It will better absorb the unevenness of the country road. The telescopic fork will transmit to your hands, and, accordingly to the whole body, every stone and every pit on the road.

If the scooter has a reinforced telescopic fork, then it is ideal for city roads and country roads. However, this greatly increases the cost of the scooter.

Impossible to country and rural roadsAre models of the manufacturer Honda. For example, Honda Tact and Honda Lead of different series. These models are equipped with a pendulum fork. On this scooter you will feel confident, passing a puddle of any size.

Scooters Honda are ideal forLearn to drive. If you accidentally strongly unscrew the throttle stick, the scooter will not go up and down. Scooters Honda are suitable for short trips for the elderly. Now your grandfather can go for milk to a neighboring village on a brand new scooter, and not walk.

Scooter for trips around the city.

Which scooter to buy?

If you need a scooter to travel around the city, thenWhen buying a vehicle in a store, it is worth paying attention to the following: maximum speed, acceleration speed and its dynamics. The scooter should have a telescopic fork (and even better reinforced telescopic) and a good disc brake.

The company Honda for the city offers the model Dio. Many Yamaha scooters are also ideal for travel around the city.

The difference between scooters Honda, Yamaha and SuzukiOf course there is, but not fundamental. Perhaps, Honda scooters are the most reliable and not advanced to gasoline, care and road. Scooters Yamaha and Suzuki are more whimsical. They need good quality fuel. At low temperatures can be bad to start. Nom Yamaha and Suzuki faster scooters than Honda, which is ideal for a slow and early ride.

Yamaha scooters are more suitable for urbanTrips. They are distinguished by modern youth design, fast acceleration dynamics, the maximum speed on conventional models is much higher than the permitted 60 km / h. What can I say about tuning models.

One or two?

If you plan to ride alone on a scooter, inStore pay attention to the scooter seat. Full-fledged two-seater scooters Japanese manufacturers do not produce, but on some models it is comfortable to sit together, sometimes and three. For example, Honda Lead, Suzuki Address.

The price of the question.

Rule: The more expensive the scooter, the better it is, it does not work here. The older the model year of the scooter, the scooter itself will be cheaper. Because the outdated design, less comfortable seating and so on make this model less popular. Therefore, when buying a scooter, it is important to be guided by what you are going to use for it. For country trips, you are unlikely to use disc brakes, ultramodern design. Overpay for it makes no sense. The average cost of a scooter in Moscow starts from 15,000 rubles. For simple models and reaches 80 000 rubles. For ultramodern.

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