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How to choose the right washing machine

Washing machines are front and vertical loading.

Washing machine with vertical loadingIt can not be placed under a sink or countertop, but, on the other hand, there is no need for a hatch opening. During operation, the machine with a vertical load can not be opened, this is fraught with the fact that soapy water will be on the floor. You can stop the washing machine with front loading at any time. Most manufacturers of household appliances produce machines with vertical loading. Bosch, Whirlpool, Ariston and others.

Washing machines with front loadingDiffer in the depth of the drum. There are narrow washing machines (30-34 cm), medium (40-42 cm) and full-sized (50-60 cm). Compact in size machines have a small size and a maximum load of 3.5 kg of laundry. In average washing machines can be loaded up to 4.5 kg, in full-size you can wash at once 6 kg, in some models and 7 kg.

If you have a large family and small children,Choose full-sized washing machines so that you can wash all the accumulated laundry at a time. The only thing for such a machine would require enough space.

The next thing that distinguishes washing machines- tank. In modern machines, the drums are made of stainless steel, and the tank can be made of composite materials, enamelled steel, stainless steel. According to performance characteristics, enamelled tanks are inferior to stainless steel. In the aftermath of time, for the production of tanks used polymers. Each manufacturer company has its name for the material. Composite tanks are highly resistant to corrosion, to detergents, high temperatures and less noisy.

Washing machines are also divided intoWashing efficiency, spinning and power consumption. There is a generally accepted European scale, according to which the class of a washing machine is distinguished. "A" and "B" are put on machines with the best performance. "F" "G" is talking about not the best quality of the washing machine.

Washing machine class "A" when washing in mode"Cotton, 60 ° C" consumes less than 1 kW per hour. The spin efficiency is up to 1600 drum revolutions per minute. This spin speed allows you to squeeze cotton underwear to a near dry state.

Delicate laundry is squeezed out at lowerTurns - 400-500 rpm. In modern washing machines, there is a smooth or stepwise adjustment of the speed of rotation of the drum. In more simple models, the spin speed is tied to the wash program. On the machines there is a button that allows you to reduce the speed of the drum in half.

You can get almost dry clothes from a specialWashing and drying machine. Modern models can dry any fabric: cotton, wool, synthetics. It is possible to control the drying process with a timer or a program for drying clothes. Expensive washing machines are able to dry clothes to residual moisture.

Disadvantage of the washing-drying machineIs the inability to immediately dry all 5 kg of laundry washed. Due to the fact that the laundry is strongly wrinkled during drying, it often has to be ironed using steam.

Wash things from different tissues in theAppropriate program that takes into account temperature, washing time, type of detergent, water quantity, rinsing and spin speed. Washing class "A" is characterized by a rapid achievement of cleanliness of laundry with minimal impact on it. Manufacturers of washing machines specifically develop programs for a particular delicate fabric: wool or silk. They provide for washing with plenty of water, special drum work and delicate spinning.

No less important role for quality washingA laundry detergent serves. For this purpose, in some models, a detergent grip is provided, which is then distributed throughout the drum. In other models, the powder is fed under pressure through special nozzles, which makes it possible to cast the product on the laundry, even when the drum is not moving.

Modern models of washing machines do not haveThe temperature reference to the selected program. There is an adjustment of the water heating level. The washing machines are equipped with a mechanical or electronic control. Mechanical control, as a rule, has five programs, you can rotate the handle in any direction. Washing machines with a liquid crystal screen allow you to observe the washing process. Program selection is carried out from pre-programmed wash modes.

The choice of a washing machine is complicated and difficulta task. In modern stores of home appliances consultants are working, which will be able to tell you in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of this or that model.

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