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Is water massage useful?

In the course of medical research, it has been established thatWater massage increases the intensity of metabolic reactions in the body, increases the rate of blood flow and lymph circulation. Water massage is also useful due to the fact that it has analgesic effect, reduces the level of mental and physical overstrain, increases the tone of muscle tissue. In many health-improving institutions, water massage is widely used as a general strengthening procedure.

Water massage is also used in the treatmentMany diseases. It is useful for certain disorders of the peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, in the presence of excessive body weight, functional disorders of the nervous system, chronic forms of constipation.

The basis of the healing effect of water massageIs the effect of such a mechanical factor as the pressure of the water jet. To conduct a session of this procedure, a person almost completely (of course, except for the head) is immersed in a bath with warm water, the temperature of which is about 35 - 37 ºС. On the surface of the body, located in a bath under the water, with the help of special equipment is sent a water jet. The temperature of this jet can be the same as that of all the water in the bath, and also slightly higher (38-39 ° C) or several degrees lower (25-28 ° C). The generated water flow in the jet with the help of the equipment is regulated in such a way as to provide a pressure of 1 to 4 atmospheres.

When performing the procedure of water massage should beObserve some rules. Before the beginning of this wellness session it will be very useful to stay in the tub for about five minutes in order to relax the muscles. Then, in accordance with the general massage technique, the action of the water jet on the body surface is performed. It should be borne in mind that the stream of the heart, mammary glands and genitals should not be directed. In addition, it is not recommended to apply a jet of water at a pressure of more than 1.5 atmospheres to the stomach area.

Water massage can be done at intervals of oneDay or almost daily. The duration of one water massage session is usually from 15 to 30 minutes, and the whole course includes 15 to 20 such procedures.

If desired, the procedure of water massage canTry to go even in his own bath, available in every apartment. However, in this case, because of the lack of specialized equipment, you can not monitor the exact level of pressure in the water jet, so do not create too much water pressure. Another disadvantage for this variant of the underwater massage session is that you will have to make your own movements and constantly strain the muscles in order to ensure the movement of the water jet to different parts of the body. And in the implementation of this procedure it is desirable to completely relax the muscles. In health centers, this procedure is performed by a specialist, which allows a person lying in the bath to relax their muscles completely during the session.

Thus, water massage is veryBeneficial effect on our body and provides a pronounced health effect. However, in the presence of serious diseases before the passage of such a health course, it is best to consult a doctor or a valeologist in advance.

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