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Ecological cleaning agent

At the same time, more women are giving away every yearPreference for environmentally friendly means for cleaning and washing: after all, the use of natural cleansers is the guarantee of your and your loved ones' health. With this universal agent, you can achieve good results in cleanliness. After all, the most important thing is that the mistress's house is clean and the health does not deteriorate. It is this tool that will take care of the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) without damaging it. After all, often when washing dishes by the usual means, we noticed the dryness of the skin - it's not just that. The whole point is the composition of these detergents. Anionic vapor is one of the most harmful chemicals for the skin.

Frosch protects you from unnecessary emotions
It's so easy to stay calm and peace in the house,When at your disposal there are assistants such as Frosch. You burned on a gas or electric stove, the walls of a microwave oven or ovens were dirty - in this case you will help a soda cleaner or milk with marbled pollen. Means with grape or apple cider vinegar will take care of the cleanliness of your bathroom. They will easily clean the most persistent dirt and keep the delicate surfaces of modern kitchen furniture, household appliances or sanitary ware.

Frosch funds take care of the health of your children and relatives
Now your relatives are reliably protected fromThe negative effect of phosphates and other harmful components of detergents. After all, all products are made exclusively from vegetable and mineral components. Certified for compliance with the highest European standards. Among them, Eurocvetok is a guarantee that environmental safety requirements are sustained at all stages of their production and household use. All components completely disintegrate in the soil, without harming the environment. Nature always rewards for a caring attitude to itself with snow-white embraces of winter, the fragrance of spring, bright colors of summer, mushroom rains in the autumn and incomparable pacification that comes to the heart from contemplation of its beauty.

Practical housewives choose economical Frosch products
Thanks to the concentrated formulas of the meansFrosch is very economical. It is enough only 50 gr. Powder-concentrate for impeccable washing. In addition, the products do not contain aggressive ingredients and are well rinsed. And for kids and people with sensitive skin Frosch has developed a special product - a gel for washing with aloe vera. This is the most neutral means for effective washing, which can only be found on the market.

Now you can manage your budget andTime at your discretion. Frosch gives your home a real, natural purity, frees you from routine, so that you can do what you love, and give time to children and relatives.
Frosch is the only brand that produces effective environmentally friendly home care products that can be bought freely in retail.
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