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Rest in winter with a small child

Rest in winter with a small child can bringOnly joy. The main thing is to plan the rest correctly, and everything will go its own way. A small child will not prevent you from enjoying the winter scenery and your mood will always be at a high level. Perhaps every inhabitant of the planet wants to leave the city, which is tired of the holidays. Moreover, in the winter time very large discounts on various tours.

First, choose where you want to go. Will it be a ski resort, or do you miss the warmth, fly to warm countries. The most important thing is to carefully plan the trip, because you went with a small child, and they are very capricious and demanding people. And, if you do not want surprises on the trip, think about everything in advance. Consult the representatives of travel agencies where you'd better go with the baby.

The local children's therapist will make adjustments inYour trip is compulsory. He will tell you what country you can choose for recreation, so that the child is not affected by the climate and the flight. Children who react too strongly to climate change and nutrition should not choose hot countries in winter. Best for them fit - Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria and other countries with a similar climate.

To ensure that the child is not exhausted during theFlight, and did not become a hostage to acclimatization, you need to consult with your parents in advance. Who flew to this country with their child, but with an amendment to your baby's body.

For a couple of weeks before the start of the holiday, consult withChildren's therapist, what are the best multivitamins for a child, for better acclimatization on vacation. When you have figured out with such necessary and dangerous moments, start to think over the route of your rest.

If you chose all the same Europe, it's verygreat. In winter, you can go skiing in Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Austria. These countries offer active recreation for lovers of downhill skiing.

You can enjoy the ski resort and not so far, namely in Western Ukraine. Service there is at the highest level, and the child will not react so strongly to the veil of the usual situation.

And, if you still want summer, then go to the shores of the Red and Mediterranean seas. A lot of fun you are provided.

To ensure that your journey does not endNot yet started, prepare for it carefully. Make a list of all the necessary children's things, read it several times, so as not to miss anything you need. It must necessarily include: food and dishes, if the child still drinks from the bottle, then do not forget the sterilizer. A stack of diapers and wet wipes. First-aid kit with essential preparations: anti-inflammatory drops, a means for lowering the temperature, activated charcoal or smect, sticking plaster bactericidal, green, iodine, protective cream. Phone number of the district doctor.

To the child is not bored on the road, and did not tortureYou plaintive whining. Immediately think about what you will play with the baby, how to entertain him on the road. Be sure to bring along his favorite toy and book. Think about the games in which your baby can play.

If you take this trip on holiday with the wholeSeriousness, then the trip will not be overshadowed by anything. Your baby will perfectly transfer flights and on vacation will feel at ease, and if you go to the sea, while the fish in the water. The main thing is to carefully prepare.

If you are a fairly well-off family, then the mostA simple way out, take a nanny with you. Which all your rest will look after the baby. And you, respectively, enjoy the winter mountain scenery, or azure water in the sea. Two hares with one blow, and the child next door, and no problems.

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