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Design and arrangement of kitchen

The technical issue radically changed the design andArrangement of kitchen. Countless household appliances allow you to save almost any food products and process them no worse than a good cook, and the process of preparing dishes turns a dull, once-routine work into a pleasant and fascinating pastime.

The dwelling of modern man offers, asA rule, a kitchen saturated with different techniques, combined with a dining room or living room. And the kitchen itself becomes a full-fledged living room, in which we spend a lot of time not only for cooking and breakfast-dinner for the whole family, but also allow guests to visit this taboo room once.

Modern cuisine should not only be beautiful,But also reliable in operation. It is necessary to carefully plan the layout and zoning of this premise, since it is here that a huge number of communications are located.

As a rule, the kitchen area is not very large, andYou want to place on it as much as possible. It is important that all items of household and specialized equipment and various utensils are always at hand. Only an ergonomically verified solution for the placement of kitchen furniture can create a really comfortable kitchen. It is these tasks that interior designers can solve. Always trust their opinion: not always a beautiful ready-made kitchen with wondrous handles on nice little lockers is able to adequately work out the price paid for it.

Kitchen furniture should not only please the eyeBy its presence - it must work. Constantly opening doors and rolling out containers, splashing water and the heat of hot pans, spilled oil and cleaning with aggressive preparations. Only high-quality furniture for the kitchen can withstand such daily strength tests. Pay attention to the rational allocation of food stocks, kitchen utensils, household appliances and cutlery. Behind the beautiful facades of modern cuisine is bound to hide properly organized internal space. Fortunately, today's furniture market offers the widest choice of both Russian and foreign cuisines with varying degrees of equipment.

Do not forget about lighting. If the illumination of work areas and interior spaces of kitchen furniture is included in the overall configuration, then the general lighting is only your prerogative. Remembering that the modern kitchen is, as a rule, open not only from the dining room, but also the living room, treat its stylistic elaboration with the utmost attention. And let the general tonality of the decorative game is set by living quarters, it is the kitchen that can complete it, though not the most striking, but important chords.

You can draw different life situations,Enrich them with the fruits of our imagination, endowing podnadoevshie gray everyday life with bright colors. However, the collected mosaic will be incomplete without these copper-red glare on the walls. Do you prefer ceramic pots with naive floral paintings on their glazed barrels, and your heart melts at the sight of homespun curtains on the windows that have been patterned with a binder? Only the brutality of unpainted concrete ceilings and the icy reflection of glass countertops, cold-bloodedly embedded in stainless steel walls, can reduce the degree of your hot bachelor parties? Dare. Now everything is possible.

Hidden once from everyday life, a room with smoky walls and gray curtains became a bright and, in fact, a tasty morsel in our mosaic housing panel.

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