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Extreme sports, winter sports

Extreme sports are winter. Recently, the number of extreme sports has been growing, and extreme people are becoming more and more. For. To engage in extreme sports, you must have some physical training and excellent health. Extreme should know the laws of nature and be able to resist them, it must have an excellent reaction, be able to take on justified risk. To be able to make decisions correctly and quickly.

Currently, there is a large selection of winterExtreme sports. The newcomer is faced with a choice of what kind of sport he should do, he must know everything about the extreme. Must theoretically be prepared for a particular sport.

Winter extreme sports:

Naturban Is a luge sport. This descent on a sleigh with high icy mountains, mountains in this case such as serpentine. For this sport there is no need to specially build mountains, any ice mountain can approach, it is necessary to make skirts only on the edges of this mountain. In this sport can participate both singly and together. The width of the route is usually 2.5 meters, and the length reaches 1.5 kilometers.

Snowmobiles - are divided into sports and tourist, also there are snowmobiles for carrying luggage.

Modern snowmobiles accelerate to 200 km / h andMore, a poet must comply with the necessary safety precautions for riding a snowmobile. If a person is not prepared for this kind of sport, it is better for him not to get into a snowmobile at all, otherwise everything may end badly.

There are different types of racing on snowmobiles. Sprint-cross is a series of races, where several snowmobiles participate. Races are held on a closed road with a length of 800 meters. The track is often winding, with obstacles in the form of springboards.

There are also endurance races, in itAthletes go on rough terrain. The path is a closed circle with a distance of 60 km. This sport is very similar to the car rally, there is also time control on every site. And each driver must pass the site for a certain time.

Snowmobiles have taken many lives, so you must be very careful about the technical condition of the snowmobile, and observe all the rules of behavior on the snowmobile.

Ice climbing - this is a fairly young sport. This is a kind of climbing on the relief, which was created artificially and climbing waterfalls of natural origin. In our country this sport is not yet widespread, since special conditions are necessary for it, which are not in our country.

Snowboarding - this is the most famous and spectacular sport. In one type of snowboarding - a "big flight", a snowboarder jumps from a springboard, then lands on a prepared landing. Such jumps are breathtaking in the fans. This kind of snowboarding is actually a technical freestyle.

Bordecross, this is another kind of snowboarding, it involves 4 snowboarders, and only two of them can go into the next round, and this happens until the complete victory of one of them.

There are several more types of snowboarding - these are different types of slalom.

In any case, it does not matter which extreme formSport you choose, remember one golden rule of the extreme. It must always be remembered that these are very serious sports that can suffer a fatal outcome. Be always attentive, do not play with fate in vain, it can not forgive you. Checking yourself for luck, fate at some point, can turn your back on you and you will be left alone with yourself, and then no one will be able to save you. Be careful, you are waiting at home for close people who need you, do not play into dangerous games with life!

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