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Description of the estate Tsaritsyno

Description of the estate Tsaritsyno begins with Catherine II. During the time of the Great Empress Apartments began to be built, but it did not hitArchitect Bazhenov and she forced to demolish all buildings. Then another brilliant architect Matvey Kazakov took up residence, but he remained unfinished. The Empress died, the money ended in the royal treasury, that's how it stood for years in an unfinished form and gradually collapsed.

A few years ago, the fate of Tsaritsyno was notIt was determined there, in fact, everything was in ruins, on which rock climbers practiced. But gradually investing in him a lot of infusions, and after passing through a considerable number of heated arguments, Tsaritsyno brings only joy and satisfaction. And no one now can say that all this was in vain. But what is inside the palace?

Luxury and wealth, all as the Great Empress Catherine loved II. Luxury Flemish tapestries XVIII Century, donated by the Government of Moscow, speciallyFor the Palace in Tsaritsyno. Pictures, engravings, the shine of the parquet, in which the shine of the chandeliers is reflected. Against the background of this splendor, exhibitions of the museum-reserve are held. One of the many exhibitions devoted to the Great Empress, it presents the materials of Catherine's personal life II.

Near the Grand Palace there is the Khlebnyhouse. In it, too, are various, fascinating exhibitions. A walk in Tsaritsyno takes a whole day. Here you can walk among the fountains, bridges, enjoy cascading ponds. The most important performance takes place in the evening - the color-musical show of the Great Fountain. Each jet of the fountain rises to a height of 15 meters. To illuminate the fountain, floodlights are used, which are placed under water and create the effect of light. Under the sounds of great composers, the fountain jets change direction, as if waltzing to the sound of amazing melodies, they intertwine, creating an amazing water lace.

The Grand Palace invites its visitors to theExhibitions and concerts of classical music. You can enjoy the paintings of great artists and the music of great composers. After visiting the Grand Palace. Your bad mood will also evaporate as quickly as a jet plane flies into the sky.

Bread house Will give evenings of organ music. Listening to the sounds of the organ, you can imagine yourself a favorite of the Great Empress, in the chic dress of that century. Your imaginations should not be limited, enjoy the sounds of the organ.

Manor Tsaritsyno is waiting for its visitorsIn fact, every day, this is a unique rest of the soul and body. It is unlikely that anywhere else you will find so much mystery and unexplored. In this place there were a lot of different stories. About which few people know, and even fewer of whom all this is guessed.

After visiting the manor your life will turn over180 degrees, and your awareness of the world too. You will start to think differently, to think and feel. When you go through the bridges, make wishes, they will come true. Visiting this fabulous place and you will become a completely different person.

Most importantly, do not forget to buy souvenirs forPeople close to you. They will bring joy and happiness to your family and friends. Because the estate of Tsaritsyno is a fabulous place. And in fairy tales, miracles always happen.

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