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How to keep the house clean?

Surely you've done the cleaning in them many times, butEvery time everything was cluttered again. The reason lies in the field of psychology. It turns out that we are emotionally connected with most of our things. For example, we are sorry to sell or throw out an antique chest of drawers, which once belonged to our grandmother. But the matter is fixable. We identified 3 main places, where most often there is a mess. These are boxes of lockers and a dressing table, a desk and a wardrobe. Our specially designed plan will help you eradicate the mess once and for all.

In the closet
If you, like most people, do not wearHalf of the clothes, from your closet, you can put unnecessary things in the pantry. Things that are badly damaged or out of fashion must be thrown away. Sometimes it is difficult, because many of them remind us of different periods of our life - both good and bad. Think about what clothes inspire you to lead an active lifestyle, play sports or think about health, and which one again shows you that you are overweight. It is recommended to get rid of the latter.

Sort clothes
1. Fold separately clothes and accessories that you have not worn for a year. Very worn and old things immediately throw.
2. Try to objectively evaluate your wardrobe. For this, look critically at him or ask the opinion of a close friend or girlfriend. What, in their opinion, things should be thrown away for a long time. But ask only that person who will tell you the truth, and not what you would like to hear.
3. Get rid of clothes that do not inspire you. For example, if you are dreaming of losing weight and have already dropped a few kilograms, then throw out or give someone something big.
4. Sort the clothes that you do not wear, on boxes and sign each one. For example: "Clothes for the office." Then, if within a year you did not use any of the things from this box, discard it.

Create a system
1. Do not forget about aesthetics. If your closet looks neat, then you will want to keep it in this state all the time. For clothes, use hangers made of wood or plastic, from wire hangers should be discarded, because they do not look very aesthetically pleasing and can sometimes even confuse clothing.
2. Organize clothes (for example, by color or by type). Roll and fold together jeans and sweaters. It is better if you refit the drawers of the closet in such a way that the clothes in them are visible. Do not hammer the boxes to the top, they should have space.
3. Do not keep things in boxes. Shoes and leather goods will be placed on the shelves. Bags and belts are at eye level so that they can be easily taken.
4. Before buying new things, get rid of the old ones.

In the desk
If you feel that you can not organize yourselfAnd literally bursting, pay attention to your table. Surely it just reflects this your condition. It is littered with catalogs, newspapers and magazines. It seems to you that when you have time, you can view and read all this. But this moment does not come, and the mountain of unnecessary things on the table is increasing.
1. Lay out all the papers of your table, dividing them into three categories. In the first pile, add up things that need immediate attention. The second pile is all that is not so important. And in the third - those papers that you do not need in the near future.
2. All the paper necessary for the business should be placed within reach of the hand. Make them upright in special stands with letters so that they are not buried under the numerous papers of the table. When parsing papers, trust yourself - no one knows what is important or what is not better than you.
3. Set aside a separate place for long-term storage of securities. Put in there something that you just will not be useful in the near future, but for some reason you can not throw it away. Ideal for storing papers suitable for special files and folders, as well as racks that are hung on the wall.

Keep the order
1. Buy a table of environmentally friendly materials. It should be with boxes, in which you can clean things so that they are not visible.
Thus, the room will be much smallerCluttered up. Arrange the files with the papers and sign them. For example: "Places I would like to visit", or "Catalogs with clothes", etc. Sort all the papers according to their own classification.
2. Add all the mail and bills separately, so that they can not be accidentally thrown away.
3. Store all the catalogs for no more than two weeks, then change them to new ones.
4. Choose wall-shelves from environmentally friendly materials. Hang them not so low that your children did not reach the important papers.
Your strategic arsenal
What you need to buy to win over the disorder was bloodless and easy and even brought pleasure!
1. Transparent boxes for the cabinet, transparent boxes for storing shoes. This will allow you not to forget about clothes, shoes and accessories that you put off for long-term storage.
2. Wooden or plastic hangers.
3.Vertical stands for files and papers. They will come in handy to sort your correspondence and other papers.
4. The table with opaque drawers, thanks to which your room will look more neat.
5. Book shelves made from environmentally friendly materials.
6. Small boxes and boxes for storing small things.

In boxes
In every house there are boxes for various things, andThe main danger is that everything is thrown away from them: from important papers to newspaper scraps and broken pens. This is usually the case because we hurry most of the time and do not have time to think about what things are important and which are trash. To make the boxes in your house transformed, you must always remember this gradation and mark which items deserve a place in your house and which ones do not.
1. Take time to put everything in order. Scroll 20 minutes, no more, to sort all things. You can even use a timer to focus as much as possible and not be distracted by other things.
2. Empty the box. Dump all of its contents on a clean surface. It should be large enough to allow you to see all the objects.
3. Set aside all bills and other important papers. Select a separate box for them.
4. Buy additional boxes to store various small items in your box. Sort the items by type. For example, gum, club cards and batteries, put in 3 different boxes.

Keep clean
1. Do not put securities and bills in a box with various items.
2. Make sure that all things are in their boxes. Allocate every day for 5-10 minutes, so that everything is put in order.
3. Do not litter boxes - keep track of what things you do not use, and throw them away. Take care that the boxes do not overfill.
A woman on the fronts of domestic work - certainly, always Generalissimo. But each genius commander had his own tactic of achieving victory. What type do you belong to?

You store memorable baubles and gifts(For example, a broken alarm clock that your mother gave you 6 years ago). You protect them even if you do not use them, and feel guilty if you want to get rid of them. Before starting cleaning, remember: if you were given a gift, then you and only you decide how to deal with it. Select one item related to each of your relatives and store them, put the others in a separate box and take them away somewhere. This will make you realize that you can perfectly do without these things. Then distribute these things or, if they are in very bad condition, just throw them away.

You are especially thrifty and saveSuch things as unused napkins and Chinese chopsticks. And when you can no longer use these items for their intended purpose, you come up with a new application for them. Determine for yourself a clear relation to each thing. Is it really worth it to take up space in your home?
Do you remember that the casket that youBought 5 years ago, still has never been used and dusted on the shelf? Thirsty thinkers are very fond of beautiful things, art objects. They have in their house various art supplies, unusual cutlery and musical instruments that are dusting on the shelves. They do not think whether there is enough time for this, so they buy all the things they like. If you know yourself, then before you make another purchase, think - will it be useful? Also do not forget to get rid of things that you have not enjoyed for more than a year.

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