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Resorts in Seychelles

Mahe Island
The largest island of the archipelago is Mahe. It is a huge granite cliff, overgrown with a tropical forest and surrounded by coral reefs. Destroying, corals become white, powder-like sand. The island has only one city - Victoria. It is the smallest state capital in the world.
It is most convenient for Mahe to make trips to other islands of the archipelago.
Divers are found in SeychellesCoral "gardens" of incredible beauty. And those who do not want to swim with scuba-diving, board the cruise ship with a transparent bottom and delight in contemplating underwater landscapes, in brightness, not inferior to the paintings of the post-impressionists. Enjoyed the sea? You are waiting for the mountains, waterfalls and forests.

Gardens of Eden
Leave the bright Seychellois sun for a while and enterUnder the canopy of the prehistoric forest of Valley de May on the island of Praslin. Here, on 40-meter palm trees grow coco de-mer - the world's largest nuts. Their erotic form gave Europeans reason to believe that the Seychelles forest is a biblical paradise garden. Perhaps that is why the newlyweds are so fond of coming to the islands of Praslin and Denis during the honeymoon. By the way, the marriage registered in the Seychelles is recognized as valid in Ukraine and Russia.
Most often for this purpose choose the islands of Mahe,Praslin or La Digue: there is the most developed infrastructure for weddings. The ceremony is held on the beach, in the garden of exotic plants, the Victoria Cathedral. Yes, even at the bottom of the ocean, if the bride and groom so desire! About bouquets, champagne and a romantic dinner will take care of the hotel.
The visa is issued at the airport. We only need a passport and a voucher confirming the hotel reservation.

Valley de May - a nature reserve, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Coco de-measures are taken out on official certificate, paying $ 300. The certificate is checked at the airport.

The Seychelles are famous And its wild plants and unusuallyBeautiful algae of the Indian Ocean. Water world in the Indian Ocean is quite diverse: here you can see many different kinds of fish and other inhabitants of the ocean.
In the evening, you will have the opportunity to go to a restaurant, and most restaurants here are located on the beach near the ocean.
In order to diversify their gray andEveryday weekdays holiday: go to the Seychelles. Here you are waited indeed by a holiday of soul and body: you can visit at your choice any SPA-salon or massage procedures. In the Seychelles also conduct small excursions to nearby islands near the Seychelles themselves.

Going on a trip With your beloved, do not forget to take with youCamcorder or camera. After all, these moments are only a few times in life, so they should be fixed to later recall the wonderful moments of your family idyll.
A long-awaited wedding sometimes makes itself felt: There are not enough sleep, the arrival of guests from different regions and other so-called cons. In order to really and properly rest, go to the Seychelles. There you can find peace of mind and body and enjoy the atmosphere of the wild pristine nature.
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