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How to spend a weekend if there is no other half

So, what's so unpleasant can happen to an urban young lady on the beauties of nature?

Trouble first.

These are mosquitoes. To the general regret, hordes of hungry bloodsuckers are waiting for the city with their soft skin. Hiding in any shaded little place, they are sitting in ambush, waiting for the opportunity to stick their shaggy proboscis to someone under the skin. In addition to the fact that there is a small blister on the site of the bite, it also itches, but it is very difficult to resist and not scratch it. Constantly combing bites, you will cause your beauty even greater damage. To avoid this it is necessary to stock up with a remedy for mosquito bites, or from itching and swelling. The benefit of our and foreign pharmaceuticals produces them in sufficient quantities on all levels. It is best if it, like a fenistil gel, does not contain hormonal elements and has good tolerability. To prevent insidious attempts to bite you, it will not be superfluous to take an insect repellent with you, for example, spray gardex.

Trouble second

This is an injury. An unexpected surge of energy, and a slight euphoria from excess oxygen, is likely to make you move a lot, and from this you have become out of habit for a long winter. It is doubtful that you will want to resist the temptation to play a little volleyball or, for example, table tennis, and maybe you will want to play playfully from your lover, while you will romance stroll through the forest. Unfortunately, all this fun is fraught with a wide variety of stretches, which can spoil the rest. When preparing for such a girl, before taking to the nature, they take with their own care, for example voltaren emulgel, which safely and effectively removes pain and inflammation. And still try to keep your active activity under control, so that your rest will be free from trauma.

Trouble third

Oh, this cold. Truly, it can spoil anything. Poorly heated after the winter, the house may well not be the best place for a family vacation in the country and lead to the fact that the weekend outside the city will "please" you with a cold. In order to minimize the consequences and to return as quickly as possible, it is desirable to have some good medicine for flu and cold, for example, koldrex hotren, which will easily relieve you, or your lover from chills, aches in all extremities and a cold. You can also add a sweater and warm socks to your wardrobe collections to protect yourself from the possible cold, which our climate does not skimp even in the warm season.

Trouble Four

Binge eating. A trip to nature very seldom does without a good shish kebab, which usually lays down an excessive burden on the digestion of urban girls who regularly sit on some kind of diet. Filling the plate with appetizing, juicy roasted meat, do not forget about the sense of proportion. And do not forget to back it up with an enzyme preparation such as mezima, which will help you digest everything that you eat.

Nuisance the fifth

Itching of allergies. Many residents of the city are surprised to discover that the spring forest is full of various flowering plants. Often this discovery occurs when you are attacked by an allergy or hay fever. It is worth taking care of this. Drugs from allergies are numerous.

Also, a family vacation at the cottage can be spoiled by the lack of a charger for your mobile phone. Do not forget it at home.

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