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How to choose the right coffee maker

Devices for making coffee from grains are divided into coffee grinders and coffee makers.

Coffee grinder.

The assortment of modern shops is presentedCoffee grinders of different manufacturers. The main principle of coffee grinders is based on grinding coffee beans. The longer the grain is crushed, the better the grinding will be.

Instruments manufactured in Asia and China, asRule, have low-power motors, and, as a consequence, weak knives made of mild steel. In the box from under the coffee grinder must be spare parts. Inexpensive devices quickly fail. Buying a cheap coffee grinder in advance can turn out to be a new expense for you.

An interesting fact, electrical appliances made inChina, meet modern technical requirements. But this condition is not observed in household appliances, where electric motors are used. In addition, Chinese and Asian coffee grinders do not provide guarantees.

If the family budget does not allow you to purchaseExpensive coffee grinder, stop your choice on domestic stamps. Instruments produced in our country can and will not have a beautiful and original design, but inside of them a reliable engine is installed. A grinder is provided with a warranty of one to three years. Domestic electric appliance will serve you for many years.

Choosing a grinder.

To the new home appliances pleased you, did not require care and repair, pay attention to a few recommendations when choosing a coffee grinder.

The case must have a start button. There are a number of models of coffee grinders, which start working when the lid is closed tightly. This method of grinding coffee beans is not entirely convenient. While the grinder is working, it is necessary to hold the lid.

In the store, pay attention to the cover of the coffee grinder. The projections on it are more convenient to use, but they can quickly fall off, and you will have to buy a new device because of one broken part.

Coffee grinders working without noise do not exist. The sound of grinding coffee beans on knives can not isolate any body. The average grain loading in the grinder is 40-50g. The coffee grinder is not intended for grinding cereals, sugar in powdered sugar. If you break the appliance by using it inappropriately, you will not be able to give the coffee grinder for repairs to a service workshop.

Please read the manual carefully! It prescribes the optimal time for the coffee grinder, after which, she needs time to rest. When choosing a technique in the store, pay attention to this point in the instructions. A serious and reliable manufacturer will definitely indicate it.

There are some models of coffee grinders withControlled grinding of coffee beans. The appearance of the knives resembles a mill millstone. The load is designed for 300 g. Such models take up more space, have more weight than small coffee grinders. As a rule, large coffee grinders are bought by true coffee connoisseurs.

A big plus in the work of such a device will beA high degree of grinding of grains, which does not depend on the duration of the device. It is enough to choose the right level of the grinder. However, according to sales statistics, coffee grinders with a regulated level of performance are not popular among consumers.

Coffee makers.

There are two types of coffee makers: drip and espresso.

In the drip coffee machine, boiling water is fedOn the ground coffee, and the drink flows into a glass vessel. Coffee makers are equipped with a heating plate under the coffee pot, which makes it possible to keep coffee warm. Expensive models have a special thermos that allows you to keep coffee hot, but such a device will be more cumbersome.

When buying a drip coffee maker, pay attention toFor the presence of anti-drip device. During the removal of the coffee pot, the valve automatically closes, which prevents the coffee from dripping onto the heating element.

Coffee, cooked in such a coffee maker, will be "American", you will not be able to cook a delicious aromatic drink in such a device.

Drip coffee makers produce all modernManufacturers of household appliances and unknown Chinese handicraft plants. The more features provided in the coffee machine, the less likely to buy a cheaper device.

Drip coffee machines are easy to clean, disposableFilters make coffee making simple. There are reusable nylon filters coated with titanium. Drip coffee machines are presented in various shapes and colors, which easily allows you to choose a model.

Espresso coffee is produced by seriousManufacturers of household appliances. The principle of these coffee makers is to conduct hot steam through ground coffee, which allows you to get a strong, fragrant drink. It is offered in many cafes and restaurants. Espresso coffee machines require less ground coffee.

The performance of espresso coffee machines is measured in bars. The average appliances have 3 bars, professional models - up to 15 bars.

Some models of coffee makers have an additionalNozzle, with which you can prepare a cappuccino from milk. The average espresso maker prepares 3-4 cups of coffee at a time. The only drawback of such devices is the difficulty of washing and care. If you decide to buy espresso coffee machines, choose proven and well-known brands.

Modern technologies of household productiondevices do not stand still. Famous brands offer us new coffee makers and coffee grinders. Based on your preferences, financial possibilities, you can buy a coffee maker, which for many years will delight you with fragrant and tasty coffee.

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