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Organization of winter recreation

First of all, consider options for those whoReady to spend a little money in order, at least for a couple of days to escape from our winter routine in the summer. In the New Year's and New Year's time, great popularity is gained in Egypt. During the winter there you can safely bathe and sunbathe on the beach, as the water temperature in the Red Sea does not drop below 20 ° C even at this time. In addition, Egypt is a country with a rich history, and to remind of the unique possibility of organizing excursions during the rest to historical sights like the tombs of the pharaohs or the sculpture of the Sphinx is simply superfluous.

Among the other most popular "exit"Options for the organization of winter recreation can be identified Indian resort of Goa, the Caribbean (and above all the famous Cuban beaches), Thailand. If, on the other hand, you like skiing on exotic beaches, then on the New Year's holidays you are best served by ski resorts in Austria, Poland or Slovakia.

It is important to note that in many touristAgencies involved in the organization of winter recreation, the prices for permits during the period from 10 to 20 December is much lower than in the New Year and Christmas holidays. This is due to the fact that during this period the occupancy of hotels in many resorts is weak, and their owners try to attract as many customers as possible due to the price reduction. Therefore, by choosing the right time for winter holidays abroad, you can save quite a decent amount of money.

However, the organization of winter recreation is far from beingIs limited only to visiting exotic resorts. For the majority of the population, some traditional for us family winter holidays are much more familiar.

If you have a country house or cottage, thenThe best option than organizing a winter vacation vacation with the whole family in the bosom of nature can hardly be imagined. The only problem that you will inevitably have to face is the low temperature of the air in a long empty room. To warm the air in the house where you are going to spend the winter rest, you will have to repeatedly heat the stove or fireplace, but you still have to wait for at least 24 hours to establish a "room" temperature. Therefore, with a dacha you need to take warm clothes so that you do not catch cold during the night on the first day of rest, when the air temperature in the room is not high enough. To small children, especially if they are very susceptible to all colds, it is undesirable to spend the night in a poorly heated room. It is best to bring them to a winter vacation at the dacha after a more or less acceptable air temperature has established in the house.

In country conditions, together with children, you canGo skiing, sledding or just go for a walk in the winter forest. It is best to walk near a coniferous forest - pine or spruce, because even in winter the trees growing there give off a lot of phytoncides - useful substances that kill disease-causing bacteria. To breathe this air during rest is very useful for health.

During holidays with good weatherIt is possible to organize a tourist hiking trip on skis. For this, it is necessary to plan the route in advance, prepare the necessary equipment (skis and ski poles, backpacks) and equipment, buy food products suitable for catering during the rest. Should evenly distribute the burden among all participants in the ski trip, just in case provide for the availability of certain medicines, be sure to take thermoses with hot tea or coffee. The length of the ski trip should be planned according to the temperature of the surrounding air. Winter rest should in no case be associated with feelings of discomfort from too low air temperature. If frost is increased during a ski trip, it is better to return home immediately to avoid frostbite.

Even if during the New Year and ChristmasYou do not plan to travel outside the city, there are many more ways to relax and gain new positive impressions. For example, during winter holidays it will be interesting to visit ice fields that have become very fashionable for figure skating. For a small fee at the rental offices, you can take a couple of hours of skates and with health benefits, "cut" a few laps on the ice track or try to perform intricate elements of an arbitrary program skaters. The main thing with this method of winter recreation is to try to keep the balance and try to avoid severe bruises. But, even if you did not manage to avoid falls, while getting a couple of bruises, the benefits to your health when organizing such winter outdoor activities will far exceed some of the discomforts that have arisen. And as for the tide of cheerfulness and a good mood after skating, you do not have to say - you will remember with a smile and tell your friends about your pirouettes on the ice ground at least until the end of winter.

In addition, during the winter holidays in the city parks, many mass entertainment events are organized. When you visit them, you can use the outdoors for good health.

As you can see, it is quite possible to organize a qualitative winter holiday to anyone who wants to, regardless of the income level. The main thing in this business is the desire to spend the weekend with good health.

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