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How to choose a good juicer

Juicers are used for squeezing juice fromFruits, vegetables, berries. There are special tools for citrus. The so-called, citrus-press is equipped with a motor of weak power, a cone-shaped rotating nozzle, onto which half of the orange or mandarin is planted. The fruit must be pressed with your hand until one peel is left. The citrus juicer is equipped with a special bowl, into which the juice flows.

There are models with special adheringThe handle. However, such devices are much more expensive. Do they make sense? Orange juice retains its useful properties for 10 minutes, so citrus juicers have bowls of small capacity, up to 800 ml. The price of juicers for citrus fruits, as a rule, varies only depending on the design of the device.

Choose well-known and proven brands of household appliances, if you decide to buy a juicer. Cheap Chinese analogues will quickly break down, you will have to buy a new device.

To extract juice from other fruits and vegetables, you need a universal (centrifugal) juicer. They, in turn, are divided into cylindrical and conical.

Domestic cylindrical juicersThey work with a high level of noise, they are large in size and do not have a stylish design. However, the productivity of Russian cylindrical machines is high, they are able to operate in a continuous mode. Ideal for large workpieces for the winter. For rare use, such models are too cumbersome.

Imported cylindrical juicers haveBeautiful appearance, the noise level from their work is very low. Used to make a small amount of juice. Perfectly wash, compact. Have a significant drawback - the duration of work is not more than 5 minutes. However, this is enough for the daily preparation of two or three glasses of juice. The price range of imported cylindrical juicers is different. Excellent appearance will allow you to choose a model that will look organic in any kitchen.

Principle of operation of cylindrical juicersIs as follows: fruits or vegetables are ground with a special grater, after which the mixture enters a sieve, where the juice is squeezed out. Some models have an automatic release of pulp in a special container, others need to be cleaned manually.

Imported cylindrical juicers haveConical sieve, which is quickly clogged and must be cleaned. The cone-shaped separator has a useful yield of up to 70%, cylindrical - up to 95%.

There are models of juicers equipped withA special turbo-separator. In them you can prepare juice from grapes, put not cut fruits. Such juicers are equipped with a cooling device, which allows the device to work without interruption.

Juicers with turbo-blowing allow you to cookJuices from different fruits and vegetables without washing the sieve. Each next juice will not have an admixture of the previous one. Basically, juicers make juice from hard fruits and vegetables, but there are some models in which you can make juice from soft fruits and greens. The only drawback is the expensive cost.

Before buying a juicer, read carefullyInstructions. Do not use the appliance for other purposes, and, then, the juicer will serve you faithfully for many years. It is not worth buying on sales and markets, or used machines. Buy a juicer in specialized stores, where consultants will help you with the choice of the optimal model, will issue a warranty card.

Service centers for the repair of juicers canTo refuse warranty repair, if the consumer incorrectly used the device, did not follow the rules described in the instruction. Once again, carefully read the instruction manual for the juicer you are purchasing!

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