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The main components of the spa program

There are several variants of originPopular word spa program. According to one of the versions, the term spa derives from the Latin word "sparsa", which in Russian means "gushing". According to other assumptions, the term spa can be deciphered as again the Latin abbreviation spa: sanna pro akva, which literally can be translated as "health through water". In addition, another possible option for the emergence of this word was the Belgian spa town of Spa. It is known all over the world for its health programs, the main components of which are various methods using natural water sources with medicinal properties. At the moment, Spa is one of the world's leading centers for the use of hydrotherapy.

The most common and common valuesSpa words are as follows: a mineral water spring, a center with a wellness program based on the use of hydrotherapy, a pool with a special hydromassage.

The main components of the spa program areVarious water procedures (shower, various baths, bath, sauna, etc.). The components of the spa program can also include massage and special cosmetic procedures for the care of hair, hands, feet. In health spas are widely used herbal medicine, in particular, the use of various herbal teas that have a positive effect on many systems of the human body. As the main components of the spa program, mention should be made of special food (there is even the term spa-food to indicate the main criteria for selection of dishes in the spa). The menu for spa visitors is made according to two basic rules: cooked and consumed meals should be tasty, but at the same time contain a small amount of calories. Another component of the spa program is vitamin cocktails, which are healthy dessert dishes, enriched with vitamins necessary for human beings in the optimal ratio with each other. Aromatherapy also takes a worthy place among the main elements of the spa program. Natural essential oils are widely used in the spa program both in a separate form and as components for the preparation of combined body care products in combination with various gels, creams, therapeutic clays. These products have a cosmetic and revitalizing effect and are used for massage, wrapping, preparing face masks and baths.

The existing differences between spa programs inVarious salons are determined primarily by the main goals pursued by those or other health institutions. Depending on the inclusion of certain components of the spa program can be aimed at achieving cleansing of the body, reducing excess body weight, increasing efficiency, the formation of a slender figure. The length of the procedure of the spa program also differs, but mostly it is from one to four weeks. To restore the appearance and as a rest after a week of work, special one-day spa programs have been developed.

You can go through the basic procedures of the spa program in specialized medical centers, sports and health centers and spas.

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