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Playing table tennis

Many professional athletes are skepticalBelong to table tennis. Holding international tournaments for this sport says the opposite. Table tennis is more capable to develop and improve accuracy, speed of reaction, to strengthen the general state of health.

Table tennis is suitable for those who have longIn sports, and for those who first take a racket in their hands. The small size of the site on which the game is played allows you to engage in energetic pastime almost anywhere.

In this sport, as in many others, athletes are constantly in tension. The situation changes with every minute. Stress and attentiveness reign over the gaming table.

Table tennis has a beneficial effect onCardiovascular system. Japanese scientists found that when table tennis, a person spends more energy than from playing basketball. To become a true champion, an athlete must have excellent physical fitness and endurance.

The technique of playing table tennis is the same forAll. Only with the passage of time and a set of experience and skills, an athlete can develop an individual style of play that directly depends on his mental and physical state.

In the game table tennis is very important visual andMotor memory. The tennis player, developing them, will be able to create technical and tactical combinations to defeat the opponent. You can learn this only with experience.

Table tennis is also a game for the brain. The athlete must feel the ball, take into account the speed of his movement, the location of the opponent, the percentage of inclination of the ball, calculate the strength and direction of the strike. Throughout the game, the tennis player thinks, analyzes, predicts and realizes his tactical moves.

To win, the athlete must quickly think,Change your decisions, depending on the situation. The final result of the game depends on this. The reaction should also be rapid. Only my head thought, and my hand had already done it. A tennis player should not allow impulsive actions. His mind must remain cold and prudent. In training, you need to develop mental stamina, quick reaction, learn how to calculate the opponent's moves.

Noise during competition can distractAthlete from the game. It is necessary to prepare in advance for loud sounds. Conduct training in various conditions, so that the brain does not react to screams, claps and dudes. Waiting for the beginning of the game in many causes "jim." With him you need to fight. Emotional splash should be replaced by the "combat readiness" of the athlete. All his feelings must become acute, the heart will calm down. In these cases, the work of the coach should appear, which will select the right words, calm the tennesist, prepare him for the start of the match.

In table tennis, as in any other formSports, to achieve the highest results, the athlete must be single-minded, strong-willed, strong, stubborn and smart. The combination of such qualities will allow us to occupy the highest pedestals at the competitions. The coach sets certain goals that the tennis player achieves, self-fulfilling and wins.

In modern schools and children's centersThere are sports sections, including table tennis. Perhaps for your child playing with the ball will be the central place in his life. Active game, excitement, rivalry - all this accompanies a wonderful game of table tennis!

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