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New Year's Eve 2010 on the beach

Tourist operators to dateOffer a huge variety of resorts. However, as it turned out, not all warm countries have in the New Year holidays to swim in the sea and take long-awaited sun baths on the beach. We picked up real information about the weather conditions at the resorts and beaches, so that your New Year holidays were unforgettable.


The best weather conditions in MaldivesThe islands can boast between December and April. The sea during this period is calm, the weather is dry and sunny. The water temperature is + 25 + 27C year round. These islands can really be called paradisiacal. Maldives is the best place for those who want to spend New Year holidays in a romantic, quiet atmosphere.


Travel to Thailand is a unique wayUnforgettably spend the New Year holidays. In Thailand, you can soak up the sun on the beach and swim the Andaman Sea. The period from December to February in Thailand is a dry season. During this period, little cloudy weather prevails with little rain. The average temperature of December, which is the coldest month, in the south - 26, and in the north + 19. In the afternoon, in these places the air warms up to +30 and +27, respectively. However, do not go to the island of Koh Samui. At this time on the island the rainy season.


Goa is an unusually beautiful place for New Year holidays on the beach. The temperature in January-December is + 30- + 33С in the daytime, and about + 20С at night. The water temperature is 25-28.

United Arab Emirates

Beaches of the UAE are waiting for those who want to spendNew Year's holidays in a relatively cool place. The weather in January-December in the UAE can hardly be called hot. The water temperature is + 19- + 24C. The air temperature at night is +13- + 14C and in the daytime +24 - + 26C. It is an ideal place for those who do not tolerate extreme heat.


New Year holidays will be relativelyCool for those who dare to hold them in Egypt. In December-January, the water temperature is +18- + 20C, depending on the air temperature. The air temperature can vary from +11 to + 24 ° C. So you should ask beforehand about the weather forecast.


From December to April in the SeychellesThe wet season, which differs northeasterly winds. They bring hot weather with fairly frequent, but short-lived tropical downpours. Monsoon rains pass between November and February, and in January (the rainiest month), up to 400 mm of precipitation falls. During the day, air can warm up to 31, at night it is colder - about 26 degrees. The water temperature is +26 - +30 degrees and practically does not change depending on the season.


The island of Bali will bring a lot of joy to yourNew Year's holidays. The water temperature in Bali is always at least 26 degrees. The air temperature is about 30-34 degrees. However, in December-January, it can be quite rainy here.

Sri Lanka

In December and January in Sri Lanka, the air temperatureOn the beach is +28 .. + 30 degrees. At night, the temperature does not drop below +19. The water temperature is about + 26- + 28 degrees. Here you will really hot, great New Year holidays.


January is considered the coldest month in Cuba. In the daytime, the air temperature is +25 .. + 27 degrees, and in the night hours it fluctuates around +16 .. +18 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is about 24 degrees above zero.

Having taken note of the above information, you can pick up really suitable for you resorts for the New Year holidays on the beach.

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