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The smallest independent state

In San Marino, the capital has the same name, thatAnd the state itself and the capital is located on a rock that resembles a huge ship. From the cliff view, fascinating opens, after all, Italy is spread out. The rock is called Titano, it has several legends of origin.

As one of the legends says, Zeus fought withTitans in ancient far times. And one day without a long thought, he snatched a huge rock, in one of the battles and flung the rock at the attacker. Naturally, the enemy came to an end and was buried forever under a block of heavy stone. There is, however, the version and much simpler: Zeus turned, the attacking titan in the rock.

Interesting story of the name of the country. She says that for a long time in the 4th century there used to be some kind of stone quarry Marinus, he was a convinced Christian. Not everyone, however, was satisfied with his sincere faith, especially this fact, unsettled the Emperor Diocletian. And so, in order to escape from the persecution of religious ones in one day of 301, Marinus had to flee to Italy from his native Dolmatia.

When he arrived at his destination, he wasConfidence that on an uninhabited and such a high rock it is unlikely that anyone will find it, climbed on the petrified titan. His expectations, however, were only partly justified, since this rock belonged at that time to the Roman landowner and matron Felicissim. And somehow strolling through her possessions, she discovered Marinus. When they talked, then without hesitation, the rock gave a new acquaintance, as Felicissima was also a Christian convinced. There he settled, and soon the fate of Marinus changed, thus, that during his lifetime he was recognized as a saint and was canonized. A lot of people came to see him, many in the vicinity remained, started families, built houses.

In the end, so settlements grew thatExisted already in the 9th century, formed a completely civil society. Then a document appeared, which is a prototype of the modern Constitution. He was then called "The Forensic Literature of Ferretano", he regulated the life of his community, which was based on self-government, and not based on the tyranny of the Italian neighboring feudal lords. From here you can call San Marino the oldest European republic.

San Marino throughout existenceTried repeatedly to deprive him of independence. More than once the tyrants of Italy infringed upon the fertile lands, encroached, the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and encroached, even the Pope. But the state, however, never yielded, neither to persuasion, nor to threats. Strong defensive structures were built, thanks to them, the inhabitants of this small country stood up to the conquerors successfully. So far, San Marino has been surrounded by three fortresses - Montale, Chest and Guaita, they are joined together by walls, which intertwine through the country.

It is only 60 kilometers from San Marino. But in addition to the capital, there are others in the country of the city: Serravalle, Domagnano, Fiorentino, Faetano ... But they, however, are more like villages than cities. A small state and small towns

At present, San Marino is just packed with tourists, began to turn into a tourist center. Tourists buy "originals" of relics of medieval, souvenirs.

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