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How to make a mustard bath

In the process of taking a mustard bath in humansThere is an expansion of the peripheral blood vessels, with the skin reddening noticeably, there is a feeling of pleasant warmth inside the body. For people suffering from hypertension, the mustard bath will be especially useful, since this procedure helps to lower blood pressure. In addition, a person taking such baths, there is a decrease in the intensity of inflammatory processes. The procedure for taking a mustard bath is also recommended for chronic pneumonia and bronchitis.

If you decide to make a mustard bath inAt home, then for this you need a dry mustard powder. For a bath with a volume of 200 liters, about 100-200 gram of mustard powder should be added to the water. In this case, dry mustard must first be diluted with a small amount of warm water in such a way that the consistency of the mixture resembles liquid sour cream. Then the mixture so prepared is poured into the bath, mixing the water well. The optimum water temperature for a mustard bath is the range 36-38 ºС. The duration of this procedure should be approximately 5-7 minutes. The recommended frequency of making mustard baths is 3-4 times a week (it's best to alternate between doing this procedure at intervals of one day). A holistic recovery and recovery course for making mustard baths should include 10-12 procedures.

As you can see, the very process of cooking in the homeConditions of the mustard bath is not so complicated. However, in order to ensure that this procedure does not harm your health and has only a positive impact, you must follow some simple but very important rules. Before immersion in the mustard bath, the external genitalia for protection should be well lubricated with petroleum jelly. Since the aromatic substances of mustard are irritating to our eyes and respiratory tract, this problem should be solved as follows. After immersing the body in water, the bath itself needs to be covered with a dense cloth (for example, folded several times with a sheet or a thin blanket) so that only the head remains open.

After the end of the procedure for making a mustard bath, you need to wash the whole body under a warm shower and wrap yourself in 30-60 minutes in a warm blanket.

The best time of day for cooking andTaking mustard baths are considered evening hours, just before bed. In this case, after the bath, you can immediately go to bed under a warm blanket and try to sleep, thus prolonging the relaxing and health-improving effect of the action of biologically active mustard substances.

For children, mustard baths can be prepared withCatarrhal diseases - pneumonia or bronchitis, while for every 10 liters of water you need to add 10-20 grams of dry mustard, and the optimum temperature is 38 ° C. The duration of the procedure for taking a mustard bath for a child should not exceed 5-6 minutes. After this time, the child should be washed with clean water and wrapped in a warm blanket.

At home, you can also cookMustard bath of local effect - for hands or feet. To do this, take a bucket of water 5-10 grams of dry mustard powder. After doing this procedure, the skin should be washed with warm water, and if the local effect is on the feet - then it is better to wear warm woolen socks and to avoid getting cold for a few hours, refrain from going out.

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