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We create coziness, curtains

Previously fashionable were considered curtains made of denseShiny fabrics, now natural and bright colors, linen materials, cotton or silk have become fashionable. A popular tulle was replaced by a net and organza. For windows that face the west or south side, multilayered and thick curtains are suitable. For dark rooms, translucent and light fabrics are suitable.

For a small room with a small picture fitFabrics, they will be combined with wooden light furniture. Popular striped tissues now, but you need to know the horizontal strip widens the window, and the vertical band window pulls out and visually lengthens it.

For spacious rooms, fabrics withA large picture. And before you buy a fabric with a large pattern, you need to ask the seller to pick up a drawing, two canvases must begin with the same pattern.

In the living room will look curtains of good quality fabric, the color should be combined with the interior. The complement to the excellent can serve as various pick-ups, drapes, lambrequins.

In the bedroom, hang a translucent and transparentCurtains, as night curtains, use dense fabrics that protect the room from sunny bright light. You can drape them beautifully and decorate with fringe, braid or flounces.

In the children's room, hang out from natural materials curtains with a thematic pattern or bright graphic.

In the kitchen it is recommended to decorate the window with fabricsLight, which let in air and enough light. For the kitchen is often used fabric in geometric patterns, striped, with a floral pattern. Give preference to such material, which is easy to clean and resistant to steam.

To change the visual shape of the window, you need to know a few techniques.

The window can be made wider by curtains that go beyond the window.

For small windows, it's best to have transparent curtains that visually enlarge the window.

Too wide a window can be reduced by hanging curtains within the frame.

Visually, you can increase the height of the window by hanging the rust under it.

Very popular recently JapaneseCurtains. They represent a seamless, absolutely even fabric that moves along a special cornice. From below and from above on these curtains there are inserts rigid, which do not allow to be added. These very stylish and simple curtains fit perfectly into any interior, they do not collect dust.

To get such curtains, you need to buyGuide and special cornice. For fabrics choose any fabric. Lateral sections slip and stitch. Place the fabric in the guides. In such curtains, contrasts are especially beautiful.

You can use blinds, but not to look likeWindow naked, you need to drape a piece of cloth on the cornice. Beautiful matching curtains for windows make the apartment more cozy and will change it beyond recognition. From the article "Creating coziness, curtains," we learned how to create coziness and comfort in an apartment with the help of curtains, they are a necessary detail for any home. Curtains are used to decorate the apartment, protect from noise outside the window, bright light, drafts.

Thus, curtains - this is a detail of the interior. Thanks to curtains, we can create a cosiness in the house, make a modern house cozy and warm, in the old interior you can add notes of freshness and youth, and the architectural flaws can be adjusted skillfully and hidden.

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