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Morshin Resort, Ukraine

Behind the river Bereznitsa is a forest. They say that if you walk a little farther, you can meet roe deer. I readily believe that the forest is quite solid. And there are no industrial enterprises nearby, the ecology is wonderful. Imagine what a joy for the residents of the east of Ukraine!
However, not for them alone. Russians and Belarusians are eager to come here. According to the efficiency and quality of the treatment, the Carpathian resort can compete with such world-scale balneology as Wiesbaden and Karlovy Vary, and the prices here are much more affordable than European ones. Among vacationers you can meet a pensioner, and a solid entrepreneur. Many come from year to year. From the first notice a significant improvement in health and make the right conclusion: looking for another resort - a useless waste of energy.

Treasures of the underground "pharmacy"
Without going into the scientific subtleties, we should note that the resortMorshin specializes in treating diseases of the digestive system: peptic ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus. Sulfate-sodium-magnesium waters with such ailments are simply irreplaceable. And the mineral springs in Morshyn are unique, thanks to the action of the local water, there is an accelerated cleansing of the organism, excretion of radionuclides, immunity increases. And this means, you become not only healthier, but also more beautiful! By the way, water from spring number six is ​​an analogue of the mineral waters of Karlovy Vary and Wiesbaden! And the source number one pleases water of a different type: sodium chloride and ultra-fresh water are indispensable in the treatment of pyelonephritis and urolithiasis. In addition, Morshin has a fair supply of peat medicinal mud and healing "mountain wax" - ozocerite. In this respect Morshin's depths are a real treasure trove.

Health and Beauty Industry
The streets in the city are less than thirty, and boarding houses andSanatoria - more than a dozen! And each in his own way is good. There is also a balneological clinic in Morshin, which provides for a full examination and recommendations of the necessary specialists.
Good news: In 2008, the diagnostic center was reconstructed, its equipment was completely modernized. The balneotherapy clinic is also reconstructed in order to increase the comfort and quality of the services. Now its branches look quite European. And the scientific provision of sanatorium and resort activities in Ukraine has always been famous for the highest level.

Resort Morshin has chosen an ingeniously simple strategy
Attracting guests: Convince the quality of treatment and its results. Moreover, water, balanced food, relaxation and excellent ecology in the complex really give an excellent result. So come, not postponing - and be healthy!
Morshin is famous not only for its medicinal watersAnd beautiful natural scenery, but also memorable places. Therefore, we recommend that you visit Morshin more than once a year to really see the healing effect of this holy and beautiful water. Visiting the town in Ukraine called Morshyn, you can directly plunge into the healing waterfalls of Morshyn waters and breathe the fresh air that is in this unusual city.

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