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Interior of the house for the new year

Where to begin? First of all, decide what things you need to get rid of. It can be clothes that you will inevitably get out of the closet to move it, and trinkets, bought for the occasion and have long been not pleasing to the eye, and an old stained armchair. But grandmother's carved buffet or brought from the dacha the old pot-bellied chest of drawers - they are family relics! And if they do not look the best, find a master restorer.

Place behind the screen
A bookcase may well "move" from the living roomIn the corridor, if the last footage allows. And, maybe, it is necessary to get rid of the mirror in the bedroom - it will be successfully replaced by a mirror in the frame hung on the wall. And all kinds of jars and tubes can be placed on the bedside table.
Behind the closet dust collects the folded screen? Get it out and set up a living room in the living room. Near the window, put a chair, next to it - a floor lamp and fences of a screen cozy corner. Here, each member of the family can retire with the book while the household watches TV.

Traffic scheme
Do not start moving furniture until you haveA clear plan that where will stand. Draw up the diagram. Take off the sizes of all the objects that you plan to rearrange to calculate if they have enough space. Try to imagine how the cabinet or sofa will look in a new place. By the way, when permuting, stick to the rule: large, dimensional things should stand along the wall, so as not to close the light.
The very process of rearrangement think through to the smallest detail. Perhaps some pieces of furniture to avoid damage, it is better to disassemble than to carry across the apartment to a new location. And it will be easier to rearrange.

Style - in Detail
Remember, the style "makes" the details. Therefore, when writing a new interior, think over the details of the decor. Put a new tablecloth on the table, put bright napkins - the dining room will be transformed! On the shelf in the living room put a few identical narrow vases - get a stylish composition.
Change the bedroom curtains and blankets on the bed for a new, one color, but a deep, muted shade - they will give the room a tranquility and coziness.
Do not be afraid of radical decisions! After all, this is fixable: if the new interior is uncomfortable, everything can be returned to its original location. For all work, be sure to involve the household - they will help both physically and advise. And then, when the space is transformed, you can decorate the house for the New Year!

Restoring the carpet
A small hole or an irreducible spot on the carpetcan be eliminated. To do this, cut a square with the sharp knife around the affected area. Find him a replacement on that part of the carpet, which in everyday life is not visible, since it is under the table, armchair, closet. Precisely along the perimeter of the square, cut out the patch and insert it into the hole of the restored place. From the underside of the carpet secure the patch with a lining, fastening with rubber glue. Done! The carpet looks like a new one, except that the first time the patch will be brighter.

Shine, boots and boots!
Lacquer shoes require special care. So that it does not crack or fade, it should be regularly fed with special gels or vegetable oil. To clean the dirt from shoes, dampen in milk with a soft lint-free cloth, carefully, so as not to scratch the surface. When dry, rub with a bulb, cut in half.
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